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Configuring Zoom on Chrome OS Follow


If you're an admin that manages Chrome OS devices, you can configure Zoom Cloud Meetings for Chrome OS using the Google Admin console. You can set policies that control login features.

This article covers:


  • Access to the Google Admin console

Supported Policies

Use a text editor to create a JSON file. The following parameters are supported. If you do not specify a parameter, the default value is used.

Parameter Value Type Default Description
BlockUntrustedSSLCert Boolean
(true or false)
false Specify if the app will stop for an invalid certificate. If false then user will be prompted to trust the certificate or not.
DisableGoogleLogin Boolean
(true or false)
false Specify if signing in with Google is disabled.
DisableFacebookLogin Boolean
(true or false)
 false Specify if signing in with Facebook is disabled.
DisableLoginWithSSO Boolean
(true or false)
 false Specify if signing in with SSO is disabled.
DisableLoginWithEmail Boolean
(true or false)
 false Specify if signing in with email is disabled.
SetSSOURL String (empty) 

The vanity URL used to log in using SSO.

Example: Enter "success" to set the SSO URL as

ForceLoginWithSSO Boolean
(true or false)
 false Specify if SSO is the default login method. If set to true, users can still switch to other login methods. This item will not apply if DisableLoginWithSSO is set to true.


Sample JSON

See below for a sample configuration that disables Google login:

"DisableGoogleLogin": {
"Value": true

Configuring Zoom on Chrome OS

  1. Sign in to the Google admin console.
  2. Navigate to Device management > App Management > Zoom.
  3. Click Upload Configuration File and upload the JSON file you created.
  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) Check if the policy was successful by going on the target Chrome OS device and entering chrome://policy in the browser.