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2015 Technical Webinar Series (7 Webinars): 

Aug 26, 2015: All About On-Premise Deployment - the last of the 7 series provides a technical deep dive into Zoom On Premise software covering architecture, deployment and best practices. 

Jul 22, 2015: All About Webinars - a technical deep dive into Zoom Video Webinar covering setup, registration, managing, reporting and troubleshooting.

Jun 24, 2015: All About Group Collaboration - an in-depth technical discussion on group messaging, collaboration and management.

May 20, 2015: All About Zoom API and SDK - the technical deep dive into Zoom Application Programming Interface covering user, meeting, reporting and notification integration with web applications.

Apr 29, 2015: All About Room Connector - the technical deep dive into Cloud Room Connector covering call-in, call-out, and taking your H.323/SIP endpoints to the cloud. 

Mar 25, 2015: All about ZoomPresence - the ins and outs of ZoomPresence, with technical discussions on setup, configurations and getting started.

Feb 26, 2015: All About Recording - the technical dive into Zoom Cloud and Local Recording. 

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