Zoom Rooms Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Follow


All Zoom Rooms are automatically assigned a Personal Meeting Room ID. By default we will automatically start your Personal Meeting Room ID when you select Meet Now.


  • The conference room must be configured as a room for ZoomPresence.
  • To edit the PMI for the ZP room you must be logged in as account admin or owner. 

Changing the Zoom Room's Personal Meeting Room ID

  1. Login to https://zoom.us/account/user and locate the conference room email in your user list. (ie. room_Sharks@zoom.us)
  2. Click on the user email and select Upcoming Meetings.
  3. Click on your room's Personal Meeting Room hyperlink.
  4. Click on Edit under your meeting rooms' in meeting option 
  5. Select Change next to the Personal Meeting Room ID.
  6. Click Save after applying the changes to update your personal meeting room ID.
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