Troubleshooting Log For Zoom Rooms Follow

Troubleshooting logs for Zoom Rooms:

  • Open a support ticket at Support
  • Once a ticket is generated we will update you with further instructions and process.
  • There are two ways to generate ZoomPresence reports/logs; The methods are listed below for you to follow.

To send a report on iPad Controller:

  1. Click Settings on the Zoom iPad controller app.
  2. Select About in your settings menu.
  3. Select Send problem report
  4. We will package the troubleshooting log file in a zip file and open your email client.
  5. Please reference the ticket number and send to or a designated recipient per our instruction. 

To send a report on Mac Mini:

  1. Open Spotlight and search for the "Console" application.
  2. Look for ~/Library/Logs and click on the arrow dropdown
  3. In the bottom left corner of Console, find "ZoomRooms" right click and choose "Reveal in Finder"


  4. Select the list view layout in finder application > Organize by "Date modified"
  5. Zip and compress both latest zoompresence and logs to send to us


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