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Troubleshooting Log For Zoom Rooms Follow


Before sending us troubleshooting logs, please open a support ticket with Zoom support. Once a ticket is generated, we will update you with further instructions and process. If Zoom support requests the troubleshooting logs, please follow the steps below to generate them:

How to send a problem report on iPad/Android Controller
How to send a problem report from the web portal
Retrieving Audio Logs


How to send a problem report on iPad/Android Controller

  1. Click Settings on the Zoom iPad controller app.
  2. Select About in your Settings menu. 
  3. Select Send Problem Reporte4371fdd-3d75-4489-8c85-ad048ec82776.png
  4. Include the number of the ticket that you've opened and any additional details about the problem.1985924a-691d-4532-a66b-0a2a2d6348da.png
  5. Click Send.


How to send a problem report from the web portal

  1. Navigate to Zoom Rooms
  2. Click the name of the room you want to send the report for. 
  3. Click Edit to the right of the room name. 
  4. Under Room Avatar, use the click here option to generate a reportNote: The room must be online, for the problem report option to show under the profile picture.
  5. Click Send, to send the report



Retrieving Audio Logs

  1. Start a meeting in the Zoom Room
  2. In the meeting controls, tab Settings
  3. In the settings window, enable Audio Log
  4. Once enabled, your local microphone audio will be captured (other participant's audio will not be saved).
  5.  Once the meeting is ended, the audio logs will be uploaded and automatically sent to Zoom for analysis as a problem report.

Note: Once audio logging has been running for 59 minutes, an alert will show on the main display, that troubleshooting mode is ending, and will end 1 minute later.