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Zoom allows you to generate users automatically to your user management list by uploading a CSV file. Please make sure to reference the parameters shown when importing users on your user management tab

  • CSV format: email,first_name,last_name,department,user group.Department and user group are optional fields used for tracking in reports.
  • User is listed in Pending tab prior to activation or acceptance.
  • Max records must be less than 9999.

How to generate CSV file in Excel: 

  1. Open an excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel
  2. Start inputting users information following CSV format above 
    Note: use separate column for separate credentials (i.e. column:A email, column B, first name etc.) 
  3. Click "FILE" followed by "Export" 
  4. Click "Change File Type" find CSV (comma delimited) 
  5. Click "Save As" to save in your local documents

Note: You can find a sample .csv file sheet with the correct format by downloading the attached .csv file

Note: Users will receive an account activation email.

How to add CSV file in Zoom:

  1. Go to and click "Import users"
  2. Designate "basic" "Pro" or Corp" (pertains to all users as a whole)
  3. Click "Upload CSV file" to find your .csv file 
  4. Click on your .csv file > "Open"
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