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Zoom Rooms Calendar Integration

There are multiple ways to configure Zoom to integrate with your calendar: 

Exchange 2010 with Calendar Integration

If you use Exchange email with calendar integration, you can do the following: 

  • Schedule Meeting - click to start a scheduled meeting
  • Meet Now - meet with your contacts or your ZoomPresence rooms
  • Join - join a meeting by manually entering the Meeting ID

Sec: (1) Create a Zoom Rooms Service Account

  1. Launch EMC (Exchange Management Console).
  2. Select “Mailbox” under “Microsoft Exchange”  > “Microsoft Exchange On-Premises "(your_server's_domain)” > “Recipients Configuration”
  3. Right-click the “Mailbox” and then click “New Mailbox…”
  4. Select “User Mailbox” then click “Next” in the “New Mailbox” dialog
  5. Click add “New User” > “Next”
  6. Create new user email, for example, room@company.com
  7. This same user email will be used by all of your Zoom Rooms 
  8. Make a note of the “User logon name (User Principal Name)” and “Password” 
  9. Complete the remaining steps
  10. Create the same work email and add under your account in Zoom at https://zoom.us/account/user 

Sec: (2) Activate the Zoom Rooms Service Account

  1. Login to the service account from MS Exchange server
  2. Open the Zoom account activation email in your inbox
  3. Make note of the account email and password for Zoom Room login

Sec: (3) Create or Obtain the Room and Room Email

  1. Launch EMC (Exchange Management Console)
  2. Select “Mailbox” under “Microsoft Exchange”  > “Microsoft Exchange On-Premises "(your_server's_domain)” > “Recipients Configuration”
  3. Make a note of the "Room Name" and the “Primary SMTP Address” next to it

Sec: (4) Delegate Rooms to Zoom Rooms Service Account  

  1. Launch EMC (Exchange Management Console)
  2. Select “Mailbox” under “Microsoft Exchange”  > “Microsoft Exchange On-Premises "(your_server's_domain)” > “Recipients Configuration”
  3. Right-click the first room and select “Properties”
  4. Switch to the “Resource Policy” tab. Click “Add...” under “Specify delegates of this mailbox”.
  5. In the “Select Recipient” dialog, select the dedicated email and then click “OK”
  6. Click “OK” to save the change.

Sec: (5) Enabling Basic or NTLM Authentication:

Zoom Rooms supports Basic and NTLM forms of authentication for on-premise solutions such as Exchange server. Please use one of the following to enable either of which applies to your account.

Basic Authentication

  1. Launch “Server Manager” on Windows Server.
  2. Go to “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager” under “Roles”
  3. Select “Web Server (IIS)” > “EWS” under “Sites”
  4. Select “Default Web Site” > then double click “Authentication” under “IIS”
  5. In the “Features View” Right click the “Basic Authentication” and click “Enable”

Enabling NTLM Authentication

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Server Configuration/Client Access.
  2. In the Actions pane to the right of the Exchange Management Console click on Enable Outlook Anywhere
  3. Enter the external host name in the field shown here.

Sec: (6) Find EWS URL

  1. CTRL+Right click the Outlook icon in the notification area in the lower right-hand area of the screen
  2. Select "Test E-mail Auto configuration"
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. Select the Use AutoDiscover box (you can uncheck the other boxes).
  5. Select the Test button.
  6. Make a note of the "Availability Service URL" (EWS URL) 

Sec: (7) Disable Removal of Subject from Room Events

  1. Launch EMC (Exchange Management Console)
  2. Select “Mailbox” under “Microsoft Exchange”  > “Microsoft Exchange On-Premises "(your_server's_domain)” > “Recipients Configuration”
  3. Right-click the first room and then click “Properties”
  4. Switch to “Resource Information” and uncheck the following options:
    • Delete comments
    • Delete the subject
    • Add the organizer's name to the subject
    • Remove the private flag on an accepted meeting
  5. Click “OK” to save the change.

Sec: (8) Configure Zoom Rooms

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/signup and create the same work email in Zoom (i.e. room@zoomwithus.com)
  2. Log into Zoom as an admin
  3. Go to Zoom Rooms tab
  4. Enter the Work Email address for the dedicated user email as shown in Exchange (should be identical)
  5. Enter the password for that email account
  6. Enter the local EWS URL
  7. Enter your company's domain name ONLY (i.e. Zoom)
    Note: This should only apply to your account if your users login to OWA with DOMAIN\Username or similar credentials
  8. Enter the Room Name under the "Room Name"
  9. Enter the Room Email under "Primary SMTP Address"
  10. For the App Lock Code, enter a numeric code to lock the Settings on your ZoomPresence iPad controller app. For more info about the App lock code https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204669759
  11. Click "Verify" to check your configuration is correct or incorrect

Sec: (9) To Add Multiple Rooms:

  1. If you would like to add additional rooms you can repeat the process outlined section 5. The same work email address can be used from the previous room(s): This will automatically populate your Microsoft Exchange account information 

Sec: (10) Configure Zoom Rooms on Mac or PC:

1. Go to Download Center select the "Zoom Rooms for Conference Room" to install the latest version of Zoom Rooms.

2. Upon installation, click on the Zoom Rooms app icon on your desktop and login with the Work email account you created, for example room@zoom.us. 

3. Select the room name for this conference room. 

Note: You can use the "Search" option under "Select a Room" to search for a room


4. If you successfully logged in, you should see the ZOOM splash screen. 

5. To quit ZoomPresence, move to mouse around and you will see the Exit and Signout icons.  

Sec: (11) Zoom Rooms iPad Controller (iPad or iPad mini):

1. Connect your iPad to the same network (or reachable) as as your Mac or PC.

2. Visit the Apple Appstore using your iPad and search "Zoom Rooms," download and install the Zoom Rooms app for your iPad. You can also find the download at our Download Center labeled "iPad Controller for Zoom Rooms". 

3. Login using the same work email account and password, for example room@zoom.us

4. Select the room name for this conference room.

Note: You can use the "Search" option under "Select a Room" to search a room


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