Auto-Answer For Zoom Rooms Follow


Zoom Rooms now provides the ability to connect to users automatically when called directly from other Zoom Rooms or contacts in your user management portal.


Version 3.5.19327.0620 and higher

Setting up auto-answer (room to room)

  • Go to the user management page (account admin or owner only)
  • Find the Zoom Room via search
  • Click on the Room. On the Profile page, select Settings
  • Select "Edit" under "Zoom Rooms" and enable the option "Auto Answer"
  • Go to your Mac mini, click Exit and click the Zoom Room icon to restart 
  • Room to Room call will be automatically answered along with auto-mute

Setting up auto-answer (contact to room)

Contact to Room auto-answer is activated via an auto-answer group within your Zoom application

  • Log in to your Zoom application on PC or Mac
  • Find your Zoom Rooms group and select the room you would like to add to auto-answer and click add


Call your Zoom Room with auto-answer

  1. Find the Zoom Room in your group labeled "Auto Answer Group
  2. Click "Meet" from your Zoom client using PC or Mac, iOS or Android
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