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Wireless Airplay Mirroring is a one-click method to share content from a MacOS or iOS device to a Zoom Room. This uses the Airplay bonjour protocol to communicate between a Zoom client on MacOS/iOS and a Zoom Room 

There are other methods to share content from your laptop or mobile device to a Zoom Room:



On your MacOS device:

  • Go to "Airplay Display" at the top right corner of your Apple menu
  • Connect to a Zoom Room (i.e. Zoom-Sharks Zoom Room)

  • Enter the passcode as it appears on your Zoom Room's screen.

  • It will share your desktop to the Zoom Room TV display
  • Click Disconnect Airplay to exit sharing

On your iOS device:

  • Swipe up from the bottom on your device to bring up the menu

  • Click on the AirPlay button and select your Zoom Room
  • Enter the passcode shown on your Zoom Room screen

  • It will share your iOS display to the Zoom Room TV display
  • Click Disconnect Airplay to exit sharing

How to enable manual Airplay sharing on your account

  1. As account owner go to Account Management
  2. Under Zoom Rooms Options, select "Start Airplay sharing manually"
  3. This will now be applied across all Zoom Rooms

How to start Airplay sharing manually

Presentation mode

  1. Tap "Presentation" from Zoom Rooms menu on iPad controller
  2. Select "Share iPhone/iPad/Mac"

During Meeting

  1. Start or join a meeting
  2. Tap on "Share Content" on your iPad controller
  3. Tap "Share iPhone/iPad/Mac"
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