Configuring Zoom with OneLogin Follow

1) Log in to OneLogin Admin account at

2) Select the ADD APP button

3) Search for "Zoom" in the provided search field and select the Zoom application

4) Edit your display name (if desired) and select Save

5) Once saved, open the configuration tab and enter your Vanity URL subdomain only, then Save. Example is from Vanity URL of

6) You will now be able to configure the SSO settings as an Admin in Zoom. Log in to the SSO settings as an Owner or Admin of the Zoom account. Also, navigate to the SSO tab for the Zoom application in OneLogin. The settings will need to be matched as follows:

  • OneLogin SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) > Zoom Sign-in page URL
    • Important: the binding indicated in the URL needs to be changed to http-redirect.

      should be changed to:

  • OneLogin SLO Endpoint (HTTP) > Zoom Sign-out page URL
  • OneLogin Issuer URL > Zoom Issuer

  • For the Zoom Identity provider certificate, select View Details (shown above) under the OneLogin X.509 Certificate. Copy the text shown in the X.509 Certificate field between the Begin and End certificate and enter it in to the Zoom Identity provider certificate field
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  • Select HTTP-Redirect as for the Zoom Binding
  • Select your desired Zoom Default user type

7) Save the Zoom settings

8) You will also need to configure your users or groups in OneLogin to have access to the Zoom application.

9) Visit your Vanity URL and press sign in. You should be redirected to the OneLogin access page. Sign in, and Zoom will create the account, pull first/last name if available, and log the user in.

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