New Updates for Web Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

October 14, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Microsoft Teams Integration
    The Microsoft Teams integration lets you start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting by invoking the Zoom bot directly in a Teams space/channel. Meetings created in Teams will display within the Zoom software. See Microsoft Teams Integration for details.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Platform Updates: Zoom Rooms, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux

Previous Releases

September 15, 2017

Changes to existing features

  • Label update in the Daily Usage Report
    To better reflect the content of the report, the Meetings column heading in the Daily Usage Report has been changed to Meetings/Webinars. This change is also in the column heading of the CSV file that you can download.

New and enhanced features

  • Automatically transcribe cloud recordings (Beta)
    Use the Audio transcript option (under Cloud Recording) to automatically transcribe the audio of a meeting or webinar that you record to the cloud. After this transcript is processed, it appears as a separate .vtt file in the list of recorded meetings. In addition, you have the option to display the transcript text within the video itself, similar to a closed caption display. See Automatically Transcribe Cloud Recordings for details. Contact Support to sign up for this beta feature.
  • Store messages that were edited or deleted 
    Enable the Store messages that were edited or deleted option on the IM Settings tab to allow individuals who can access the Chat History tab to see the content of edited and deleted messages. 
  • Stream webinars to Facebook Workplace 
    The In Webinar Settings section of the Webinar Settings page includes the option Allow hosts to live stream their webinars to Facebook Workplace
    If this option is enabled, webinar hosts can choose to stream webinars to Facebook Workplace by navigating to the More menu in the Zoom application. Note that this will be available when the next version of the Zoom application is released.
  • Enhanced searching on the recordings management page
    In addition to being able to search recordings by host email, you can also search recordings by Meeting or Webinar ID, Meeting or Webinar Topic, or a keyword from the recording transcript.
  • Customize columns for Zoom Rooms dashboard
    Administrators can choose which columns display on the Zoom Rooms dashboard. The dashboard also automatically refreshes to reflect the latest statistics.
  • Zoom Rooms license information
    The Zoom Rooms page now displays the total number of Zoom Rooms licenses available and number of Zoom Room licenses in use.
  • Specify dial-in countries for audio conferences through the Zoom web portal
    All accounts now have the ability to use the Zoom billing portal to customize their premium audio conferencing. This lets you enable and disable toll-free or premium phone numbers for any available countries.
  • Closed caption available for Facebook Live
    Webinars that are streamed to Facebook Live can now include the closed caption text.
  • Zoom Rooms LAN IP addresses available in the Dashboard
    The Zoom Rooms Dashboard includes the LAN IP addresses of the Zoom Rooms devices, including the Computer, Controller, and Scheduling Display. Note that the Controller and Scheduling display software that supports this feature will be available in an upcoming release.
  • Alerts available for Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays
    The notifications set on the Alert Settings tab of the edit page for a Zoom Room now applies to the Scheduling Display.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Aug 26, 2017

New and enhanced features

Administrator features

  • Show Zoom Rooms status and alerts 
    You can choose whether to show or hide the Alert Settings tab on the Edit Room page (or the page for editing another location, such as Edit Building page) for Zoom Rooms. To show this tab, enable the option Show room status and alerts in the Zoom Rooms section of the Account Settings page. See Zoom Rooms Alerts for details.
  • Enhanced Zoom Meetings Client Feedback 
    The Zoom Meetings Client Feedback section of the Dashboard now includes the name and email address of each user who provided feedback about specific issues with their meetings. 
  • Use SCIM APIs to provision users 
    Zoom now includes a SCIM-compliant API that can be used to automatically provision and deprovision Zoom users.
  • Manage webinars from the Users page
    If a member of your account has Webinars enabled, the Users page (within User Management) for that member now includes a Webinars tab. Use this tab to see the list of previous and upcoming webinars for that user, as well as schedule a webinar as that user.
  • View license availability information
    The Users page (within User Management) now displays the number of licenses that are currently in use by your organization, as well as the number of paid licenses available. This information is updated when you add paid users to your account.
  • Search for meetings in the Live Meetings area of the Dashboard
    The Meetings > Live Meetings area on the Zoom Dashboard now includes a Search button that lets you search for the host name, email, and meeting number of meetings that are currently in progress.
  • Enhanced monitoring for on-premise installations 
    Additional information is now available on the Meeting Connector > Monitor tab.
  • New option for verifying managed domains
    You can now request manual approval from Zoom Support when applying for a Managed Domain. After you add a new domain in the Manage Domains section of the Account Settings page, the new option, Request manual approval from Zoom Support, is available when you click Verify Domain.
  • Enhanced Telephony report
    The Telephony Report now shows the type of event (Meeting, Webinar, or Personal Audio Conference) that each phone number connected to.
  • Specify who to contact for support 
    You can specify a name and email address for the support organization that can assist with Zoom issues. Specify these values on the Account Support Information section of the Account Profile page.

User features

  • Chinese language support
    The Language menu on the Zoom website now includes an option for Simplified Chinese.
  • Enhanced search for contacts
    Searching for users within the list of contacts now fully supports searching by last name.
  • Poll enhancement
    You can now include up to 10 answers to questions that you ask during a meeting or webinar poll.

Web client features

  • Participants can be promoted to Panelists
    The host of a webinar is now able to promote a participant joining from the web client to the role of Panelist, enabling them to speak. When the participant is finished, the host can revert their role back to Participant.

API features

Changes to existing APIs

  • API Endpoint for List Recordings
    The "/v1/recording/list" API has a new property. The meeting object, listed in the meetings array, includes a new property called "status". There is a time in between when a meeting has ended and the recording file has completed processing. The new property will either be "processing" letting you know that the recording is still processing, or "completed" letting you know that the processing is done. (
  • API Endpoint for Get Webinar Registration Info
    The "/v1/webinar/registration" API now returns all the properties that can be set via the Register For Webinar API. (

New APIs

  • New API Endpoint: Activate User
    There is a new API endpoint "/v1/user/activate" that relates to "/v1/user/deactivate" ( This API Endpoint will allow you to activate a user via the API.

Integration features

  • A new API parameter can be used to specify a User ID that Zoom can use when interfacing with Kaltura. The new parameter, external_user_id, has been added to v1/user/update API.
  • The Pardot integration supports recurring webinars.
  • The Zapier integration supports recurring webinars.

Resolved issues

  • Pardot integration now supports the fields “time to purchase”, “role in purchase process”, and “magazine”.
  • Recurring meetings in Canvas show the correct times.
  • When using the Zendesk integration, the internal note that is generated on a ticket after a meeting ends no longer includes duplicate names in the participant list.
  • The infusionsoft API key length has been extended to 128 characters.
  • Recurring meetings from Zapier show the correct times.
  • All sign-in methods are now supported by the Zendesk app.

July 28, 2017

Changes to existing features

  • Automatically delete cloud recordings
    If the Auto delete cloud recordings after days option has been enabled, the Do Not Delete Automatically link is no longer available on the Recording Details page.
  • Change to dial-in number
    The dial-in number to Vietnam has been updated with a new area code.

New and enhanced features

  • Enhancements for displaying the name of the Zoom Room
    The Zoom Room name is displayed on the Zoom dashboard and in the Room alerts. In addition, if the room name exceeds 18 characters, a message lets you know that the room name on the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display will be truncated.
  • Zoom Rooms calendar integration usability enhancements
    Messages provide more details about how to resolve issues with calendar integrations. In addition, the setup process for the Exchange calendar service has been streamlined by removing Exchange Login Domain as a separate field, and allowing you to include this information, if needed, as part of the Exchange login username or UPN field.
  • Additional toll-free numbers
    Toll-free numbers are now available for Guatemala and Iceland.

Resolved Issues

  • If scheduling privileges are removed for an individual, they no longer see meetings that they scheduled using that privilege.
  • The correct alternative host link is included in the calendar entry when clicking “Add to calendar” from the webinar confirmation email.
  • Text generated by some 3rd party closed caption devices is no longer delayed.  See Getting Started with Closed Caption for details on this feature.

July 23, 2017

Resolved Issue

  • If you have Zoom Rooms that were previously set up with a work email address, you can continue to use the work email address to sign into newly added Zoom Rooms. Alternatively, any user with a role that includes the Zoom Rooms view permission can sign into the Zoom Rooms software with their own credentials. See Logging into Zoom Rooms for details.

July 8, 2017

Change to an existing feature

  • The User Type column has been added to the Active Hosts report. This column lets you see all meetings that included Zoom Rooms.

New and enhanced features

  • User Features
    • Password option for webinar telephone dial-in
      The My Meetings Settings page includes the option Generate and require password for participants joining by phone. This setting requires attendees who dial into the webinar by phone to enter the generated password before they can join. Note that this feature will be fully supported beginning on July 15, 2017.
    • Portuguese language support
      The Language menu on the Zoom website now includes an option for Portuguese.
    • Webinar registration flexibility
      Registering for webinars no longer requires that a registrant provide a last name. When you schedule a webinar that requires registration, you can optionally disable Last Name as a required registration field.
    • Poll questions enhancement
      If your meeting or webinar has the Polls feature enabled, you can now include up to 25 poll questions.
    • Sign out from all Zoom devices
      You can now sign out from all of your Zoom client software from the My Profile page. Click the Sign Me Out From All Devices link to sign out of all Zoom clients (version 4.0 or later). Alternatively, changing your password on this page will sign you out from all Zoom devices.
  • Web Client Features
    • Invite an H.323/SIP room 
      Web Client users can now invite an H.323/SIP room to a meeting.
    • 3rd Party Audio phone numbers
      The Web Client now shows the phone numbers for Third Party Audio, matching the phone numbers in the invitation for events that were scheduled using Third Party Audio.
  • Administrator Features
    • Set up SSO configuration using InCommon Federation
      If your university is part of the InCommon Federation, you can configure SSO by selecting your university from a menu, then submitting the SSO request to Zoom.
    • Suspend individual Virtual Room Connector servers
      Each server displayed in the Virtual Room Connector tab now includes a Suspend button so that you no longer have to disable all of the servers at the same time.
    • SSO usability improvements 
      The SSO setup process has been redesigned for a better experience.
    • Bulk licensing
      If your organization has licenses that can be distributed among multiple sub-accounts, you can update the number of licenses and add-ons assigned for each sub-account.
    • Sub account billing
      The billing process for sub accounts has been improved, making this process consistent with other Zoom billing flows.
  • Updated reports
    • Active Hosts report
      The Active Hosts report now includes data about meetings hosted by deleted users, the ability to export details to a CSV file, and additional enhancements.
    • Poll reports
      The Poll Report is now available for meetings where registration is not required. Any unregistered users are listed as Guest.
  • Dashboard enhancements
    • The details for past meetings and webinars are now available for export. The Meetings Details page and Webinars Details page in the Dashboard both include an Export Details to CSV link, enabling you to download detailed information from the meeting or webinar into a CSV file.
    • The Dashboard includes Export links that enable you to export information to a CSV file for Top 10 users, Usage, and Top 10 Locations.
    • The format of the duration field in the Dashboard has been changed to hh:mm. This improves the consistency of formats in the dashboard, which is useful when exporting values to a CSV file.
  • Zoom Rooms Administration Feature
    • Simplified Zoom Rooms Calendar integration
      The process to integrate a calendar into Zoom Rooms has been simplified. You can now easily link your calendar system (Google or Microsoft) on the Calendar Integration page, and then assign individual room calendars to Zoom Rooms at any time. Additionally, when adding a new room, you only need to enter a unique room name in order to make the room available to your account and you can add the calendar later.

Resolved Issues

  • Reporting discrepancies between the reports and the dashboard have been resolved.
  • Under some circumstances, confirmation emails for recurring webinars that have been changed now show the correct dates and times.
  • Deactivated users no longer appear offline in the Chat list.
  • Minor bug fixes.

API and Integration

  • Slack Integration 
    The Zoom Slack App has an enhanced interface that lets you start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting by entering the /zoom command directly in a Slack channel. You can now include a meeting description at the start, and see the a summary and the recording location at the end of the meeting. 

  • API Endpoint for Get User Info by Email Address and Login Type
    The "/v1/user/getbyemail" API has been modified. The login_type attribute, which was previously required, is now optional.

June 25, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Integration for Zoom meetings in Cisco/Polycom Rooms
    You can configure a Polycom Group System, Polycom Debut, or Cisco room system to start a scheduled or adhoc Zoom meeting directly from your existing hardware. See Zoom for Polycom Connector and Zoom One-Tap Cisco Connector for details.
  • Additional search option for IM Groups
    If your organization has IM Groups enabled on the IM Settings page, you can also enable the Ungrouped users can search for any account member option. This lets an account member who is not listed in any IM group search for other members in the account.
  • Disabling of Facebook and Google Sign-in buttons for desktop clients
    For a subset of customers, the disabling and removal of the Facebook and Google sign-in buttons on the desktop clients had been handled through the Zoom website. You can now disable these buttons only by using an administrative installation on the Windows and Mac clients.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

June 15, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Zoom Rooms Management features
    • Disable devices alerts from appearing on Zoom Rooms screens
      You can specify that peripheral device alerts do not appear on Zoom Rooms screens. Configure this setting in the Alert Settings tab of the Edit Room page for the room.
    • Manage the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display
      Details about the iPad that runs the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display are available in the Devices tab for the room. To access this tab, sign into your Zoom account and click Zoom Rooms, then click the room name. The Devices tab displays the version of the app and allows you to upgrade if a new version is available. It also displays the battery level and shows whether the iPad is online of offline.
  • User Feature
    • Add a timestamp in cloud recordings
      If you enable Cloud recording in the Recording section of the My Meeting Settings page, you can enable the Add a timestamp to the recording option to include a timestamp that shows the actual time that the meeting or webinar occurred.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

May 26, 2017

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

May 19, 2017

Changes to existing features

  • Increased meeting capacity
    The maximum number of participants has been increased, at no additional cost, from 50 to 100. This change in capacity applies to the following:
    • Meetings using a Basic, Pro, or Business license (including Active Host and Education)
    • Webinar panelists
    • Meetings scheduled by or instantly started in Zoom Rooms
    • The large meeting plan for 100 participants will no longer be available

New and enhanced features

  • Admin Features
    • Additional currency for purchasing Zoom licenses
      In addition to the US Dollar, Zoom supports the ability to use the Australian Dollar, the Euro, and the British Pound when purchasing licenses. For new licenses, Zoom attempts to automatically select the default currency based on your location, but you can manually change this value in the Currency section of the Zoom Payment page. After your first purchase using a particular currency, all future transactions are processed with that currency.
    • Calendar of public meetings and webinars
      If your account uses a vanity URL, you can request to enable an option that makes public meetings and webinars available on a public calendar for up to 12 months.
    • Configurable DSCP marking values
      If you enable the DSCP marking option on the Administrator Settings page, you can change them from the default values. This allows a network administrator to determine the priority for Zoom audio and video on their network.
    • Reporting information for attention indicator
      The Meeting Report and Webinar Report include an Attentiveness column, showing the percentage of time that the attendee (on a supported version of the client) had the Zoom window in focus. The Webinar Report also includes the Average Attentiveness for all attendees. See Meeting Reporting and Webinar Reporting for details.
    • Personal Meeting ID password enhancement
      To prevent the unauthorized use of a Personal Meeting ID, you can specify the option Require a password for Personal Meetings if attendees can join before host for members of your account.
    • Simplified landing page
      If your account uses a vanity URL, you can switch your Zoom landing page to a simplified version. Switching to the new layout provides easier access to edit the html used for customization. You can switch to the simplified landing page when you navigate to the Landing tab of the Branding page.
  • User Features
    • Panelists and attendees can join webinars using the web client.
    • The web client includes enhancements to meeting controls for meeting attendees.
    • Support for waiting room for meetings.
    • Cloud recording playback usability enhancements
      The host has greater control when using the playback feature on the My Recordings page. The playback video uses a larger portion of the screen, with the controls for Download and Share accessible while the video is in playback mode. In addition, the Set Playback Range control is integrated next to playback time.
    • Webinar registration page customization
      Your webinar registration page can include a customized color scheme, as well as descriptions and profile pictures for up to three speakers in your webinar. Configure these customizations on the Branding tab of the My Webinars > Manage Webinars page when you schedule a webinar
    • Automatic webinar recording
      If the Automatic Recording option is enabled on the Account Settings page and the My Meeting Settings page, you can configure a webinar to record automatically at the time you schedule it.
    • Webinar tracking pixel
      The landing page for webinar registration and the registration confirmation page can each be configured with a tracking pixel. This pixel for the landing page can provide information regarding registrants who arrived at the page. The pixel for the registration confirmation page can help track registrations. Configure the values for these pixels in the Approval section of the My Webinars > Manage Webinars page when you schedule a webinar that requires registration.
    • Resend emails to webinar alternative hosts
      A Resend button for sending email to alternative hosts displays on the same page as the Resend button for Panelists.
    • Web client in-meeting features for webinars and meetings
    • Accessibility enhancements
      Multiple accessibility enhancements have been incorporated across the Zoom website, including improved support for the WAI-ARIA 1.1 and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Resolved Issues

  • Enhancements have been implemented to improve the consistency of data between the dashboard and the reports.
  • Improved support for Canvas courses with multiple instructors.
  • Minor bug fixes

API & Integrations

New and enhanced features

  • Panopto integration
    The Panopto integration allows you to automatically upload your Zoom cloud recordings to Panopto after your meeting ends.
  • Hubspot and Eloqua integration
    When using Hubspot or Eloqua webinar integration, and if the Webinar host enables the checkbox Send Confirmation Email to Registrants, the Zoom server directly sends confirmation emails to registrants.
  • API Updates
    The "v1/metrics/satisfaction" API is added.
    The following attributes are added to the response of the get meeting details API:
    • share application: True/False
    • share desktop: True/False
    • share whiteboard: True/False
    • recording: True/False
  • The "option_auto_record_type" parameter is added to the Meeting/Webinar Create/Update API
  • The "registrant_id" parameter is added to the Webinar registration API
  • The "send email to alternative hosts" is added to the Webinar Create/Update API
  • The following attributes inherit Webinar Account level Settings when a Webinar is created via the API:
    • Close registration after event date
    • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices
    • Show social share buttons on registration page

Resolved Issue

  • An inconsistency in the Audio Report Response data has been fixed.
  • A Canvas course with multiple instructors always uses the first instructor.
  • A problem with the Zapier meetings trigger response has been resolved.
  • API partner users can configure integrations.

April 24, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Enhanced reporting metrics for meeting quality
    Details for Zoom Meetings Client Feedback and Zoom Rooms Feedback are available for download. From the Zoom Dashboard, click Export details to CSV to download a file that includes details such as meeting ID, date, and time, as well as the reason given for any “Thumbs down” meeting rating.
  • Local and cloud recording options for Zoom Rooms
    The Zoom Rooms Edit Room > Meeting Settings page shows only the available recording options for the room. These are the recording options that are enabled on the Users > Settings page for the email account associated with the room.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

April 7, 2017

Changes to existing features

  • Increase in available cloud recording storage
    Updated cloud recording storage plans include more storage capacity and lower prices.

New and enhanced features

  • Admin Features
    • Report on cloud recording storage
      The Cloud Recording report shows summarized data about cloud storage usage. A graphical representation of recording storage usage is available in the Cloud Recording Report.
    • Report on remote support
      The Remote Support report provides a log that lets you see the participant names, times, and durations of remote desktop connections during a specified time period.
    • Modify Admin system role
      Account owners and administrators with the required permissions can edit the permissions of the Admin system role from the Role page. The same permission options that are available for user roles will be available for the Admin system role.
    • Allow users from all sub-domains to join meetings in your account
      You can allow users, signed in with email accounts from any sub-domain under a particular domain, to attend meetings organized within your account. Use the * character as a wildcard when editing the value for the Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings option. For example, if you specify *, participants can attend meetings if they sign in with an email address such as or Configure this option in the Meeting Settings section of the Account Settings page.
    • Allow live streaming of webinars to a custom platform
      You can enable users in your account to live stream their webinars using custom RTMP streaming. Configure the settings on the Webinar Settings page.
    • SSO Login Enhancement
      You can use either a URN or a URL as the Service Provider Entity ID when configuring Single Sign-on (SSO). Configure this on the Single Sign-on page.
    • Notification before switching accounts
      If a member of one account attempts to log into another account using the same SSO identity provider, they will be asked to confirm whether they want to switch to the new account or to stay with their current account. If they choose to switch, they will receive a confirmation email with a link that lets them log into the new account.
    • Preconfiguration of H.323/SIP
      You can preconfigure H.323/SIP sessions with default visual preferences.This enables users to join meetings without the need to enter DTMF command sequences on their device to achieve a desired look and feel.
    • SIP domains added to Cloud Room Connector
      SIP domain names are now listed along with IP addresses for the US and international Cloud Room Connectors, in the Cloud Room Connector tab of the H.323/SIP Cloud Connector page.
  • User Features
    • Flexible cloud recording options
      If you record a meeting to the cloud, you can choose one or more files to be saved to the cloud. You can specify the Gallery View, Speaker View, an audio only file, and a file with the chat text.
    • Webinar notifications can include a description
      Emails sent to webinar recipients can be configured to include the webinar description.
    • Changes to a recurring webinar schedule will generate a notification
      Making changes to the schedule for a webinar automatically generates a notification and allows you to ask registrants to re-register. Configure this option when you update any dates or times of a previously scheduled webinar.
    • Ability to update webinar templates
      You can edit the details in a webinar template after it has been created and saved.
    • All webinar recurrences display in email messages
      If you schedule more than 10 recurrences of a webinar, all of the occurrences are included in the invitation and confirmation email.
    • Web client supports on hold and waiting room functionality
      If an attendee joins using the Zoom web client, the meeting host can now place them on hold. Additionally, a meeting host joining from the Zoom web client can manage the Waiting room.
  • Integration Features
    • Zoom / Zendesk integration
      Zoom now offers Zendesk integration, allowing you to start and schedule meetings within the Zendesk interface. Details of the meeting will also be added to the ticket.
    • Zoom / HipChat integration: Show Recurring Meetings
      When Zoom is integrated with HipChat, the HipChat right hand pane now shows upcoming recurring Zoom meetings.
    • Zoom / Oracle Eloqua integration: List Webinar attendees
      When Zoom is integrated with Oracle Eloqua, users have access to new Eloqua elements that provide information on Webinar attendance.
  • Developer Features

Resolved Issues

  • Personal Audio Conference calls can always be ended by the host, even if someone else joins the call before the host.
  • You can now generate a Q&A report for a specific webinar, even if the webinar is set to recurring.
  • Minor bug fixes

March 11, 2017

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

March 6, 2017

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

February 25, 2017

Changes to existing features

  • Gallery view recording is not available by default
    Previously, if you chose cloud recording, both the speaker view and gallery view were always available. Meeting hosts who did not want to store the gallery view would have to specifically remove it. In this release, the gallery view recording is only available if you specify the option Add the gallery view recording (this option consumes additional cloud storage). This option is available in the Recordings section of the My Meeting Settings page.
  • Administrators can prevent hosts from automatically saving meeting chats and recording meetings
    If the administrator chooses to disable the "Auto saving chats" option, meeting hosts can only save the text of the chat by manually saving the chat after the meeting begins.
    If the administrator chooses to disable the "Automatic recording" option, hosts can only record meetings by manually starting the recording after the meeting begins.

New and enhanced features

  • Admin Features
    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
      You can specify new roles, each with their own sets of permission for viewing or editing specific setting pages for the account.
    • Self-service managed domain
      You no longer need manual approval from the Zoom Support team if you want to use the managed domain features of a domain that you own.
    • Control automatic meeting recordings
      You can enable or disable the ability of account users to record meetings automatically. Hosts can automatically record all meetings at the My Meeting Settings, or they can choose to automatically record a meeting when they schedule a specific meeting.
    • Control auto saving for meeting chats
      You can enable or disable the ability of account users to save the text for meeting chats automatically.
    • Choose to prevent live streaming of webinars
      Administrators can prevent webinar hosts from streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Configure this option on the In Meeting section of the Account Settings page.
    • Choose to prevent users from sending files over Chat
      Administrators can disable a screenshot, image, or file from being sent by users during a Chat session. Users do not see the Screen Capture, Send Picture, or Send File options in their Chat text entry area. Configure this option in the IM Settings tab.
    • Report enhancements
      Sign In/Sign Out reports now include IP address, client type, and version number.
      Searches within the Sign In/Sign Out reports and Operation Logs reports are no longer limited to 6 months of data.
  • User Features
    • Webinar templates
      Hosts can save settings when scheduling a webinar. This becomes a template that can be reused when scheduling future webinars.
    • Record a scheduled meeting automatically
      The Schedule a Meeting page can include an option to automatically record the meeting.
    • Closed caption file for cloud recordings
      Cloud recordings also include a VTT file that contains the transcript of the closed caption text.
    • Meeting schedulers can view the meeting report of the original host
      Previously the meeting report was only available to meeting host. Now, anyone with meeting scheduling privileges for another user can also view meeting reports for that person. See Meeting Reporting for details.
    • Cancellation email when deleting a meeting
      If a meeting that required registration is cancelled, a cancellation email is sent to the meeting registrants.
    • Choose whether cloud recordings include Gallery View
      Users can now choose whether they want to include Gallery View in their cloud recordings (in addition to active speaker view, which is always available for cloud recordings). Configure this option on the Recording section of the My Meetings Settings page.
  • Developer Features
    Please see our Developer Community for more details.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

February 12, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Zoom Rooms admin feature
    • Zoom Rooms administrators who have account-level access are now able to use the Edit Location page to make changes to the hierarchical structure for Zoom Rooms location. See Zoom Rooms Location Hierarchy for details.
  • Webinar user feature
    • You can now share a webinar on Facebook Live to a Group. When you choose an option on the Broadcast Zoom Webinar to Facebook Live page for Who should see this?, the options now include Group. See Streaming a Webinar on Facebook Live for details.

Resolved Issues

  • REST Meeting API bug fixes. Please see our Developer Community for more details.
  • Minor bug fixes

January 14, 2017

New and enhanced features

  • Admin features
    • Organize a hierarchical structure for your Zoom Rooms based on their location (such as Campus, Building, or Floor), then remotely manage groups of Zoom Rooms.
    • Cloud recordings can now be sent to the meeting host in Kaltura, if the meeting host is a Kaltura user.
    • Zoom Rooms management enhancements
    • Kaltura Improvements
    • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • User features
    • Meetings that are recorded in the cloud can include an additional recording file that shows the Gallery view.
    • Cloud Recording is enabled by default for paid accounts.
    • You can schedule, list, and review recordings of meetings from within Canvas.
    • Configure the Play Sound on Join/Leave option in the In “Meeting (Basic)” section of My Meeting Settings.
    • The website has now been translated to German and Japanese.
    • Cloud recording enhancements
    • Canvas LMS integration enhancements
    • Name announcement for dial-in users
    • Additional language support
    • Improvements for scheduling meetings and webinars
    • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes

Dec 17, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Dec 17, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Dec 11, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Dec 11, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Dec 3, 2016 Admin Update

Dec 3, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Nov 19, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Nov 19, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Nov 12, 2016 Admin Update

  • Improved billing section
  • Added REST API functionality
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Nov 12, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Oct 30, 2016 Admin Update

Oct 30, 2016 User Update

  • Support restoring deleted cloud recordings
  • Support changing email
  • Added additional recurring meeting/webinar options
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Oct 14, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Oct 14, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Sep 24, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Sep 24, 2016 User Update

Sep 3, 2016 Admin Update

  • Improved control of Premium Audio numbers for account members
  • Added meeting tracking code
  • Added HTML format invitation emails for Outlook Plugin
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Sep 3, 2016 User Update

  • General accessibility enhancements
  • Support Spanish and French localization
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Aug 14, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Aug 14, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

July 8, 2016 Admin Update

  • Join as Assistant Dashboard improvements
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

July 8, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

July 1, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

July 1, 2016 User Update

  • Support meeting registration
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

June 11, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

June 11, 2016 User Update

  • Fixed Jerusalem timezone issue for Outlook
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

June 3, 2016 Admin Update

  • Enhanced operation logs
    • Added Webinar Setting logs
    • Added Group management logs
    • Added Zoom Room Components logs
    • Added Single-Sign On logs
    • Added Meeting Connector logs
  • Support multiple Slack team domains
  • Improved IM Management provisioning
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

June 3, 2016 User Update

  • Added Support Center link to header
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

May 6, 2016 Admin Update

  • Enhance admin audit logs
  • Added IM Group API
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

May 6, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Apr, 16 2016 Admin Update

  • Enhanced operation log reporting
  • Add email address to Usage Reports
  • Added API to create a Registration-Based Webinar
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Apr, 16 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Mar, 26 2016 Admin Update

Mar, 26 2016 User Update

Mar, 11 2016 Admin Update

  • Added admin audit logs
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Mar, 11 2016 User Update

  • Enhanced referral program
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Feb 26, 2016 Admin Update

  • Dashboard automatically enabled for all Business accounts
  • Support searching past meetings on Dashboard by user name or email
  • REST API supports Webinar Registration
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Feb 26, 2016 User Update

  • Add Sudan and South Sudan to Country field of Webinar Registration
  • Added Toll-Free numbers for Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore
  • Support hiding social share buttons on Webinar Registration page
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Feb 19, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Feb 19, 2016 User Update

  • Use Vanity URL for join meeting URL for Chrome Extension
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Jan 30, 2016 Admin Update

Jan 30, 2016 User Update

  • Added Costa Rica for Call-out
  • Added "Share" button on Webinar registration page
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes


Jan 16, 2016 Admin Update

  • Account Level Settings
    • End-To-End encrypted chat
  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Jan 16, 2016 User Update

Jan 4, 2016 Admin Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Jan 4, 2016 User Update

  • Minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Jan 2, 2016 Admin Update

Jan 2, 2016 User Update

  • Add 38 call-out numbers
  • Support cloud chat recording
  • Bug fixes

Dec 7, 2015 Admin Update

  • Bug fixes

Dec 7, 2015 User Update

  • Bug fixes

Nov 28, 2015 Admin Update

  • Account Level Settings
    • Join Before Host, Audio, and Video meeting settings
  • Meeting attendee authentication support
    • Only signed in users can join
    • Only signed in users with specified domains can join
  • Bug fixes

Nov 28, 2015 User Update

  • Profile UI/UX redesign and enhancements
  • Added first name variable to meeting and webinar email templates
  • Bug fixes

Nov 14, 2015 Admin Update

Nov 14, 2015 User Update

Oct 31, 2015 Admin Update

  • Dashboard enhancements
    • Export device usage details
    • Search Zoom Rooms by name and sort by current status
  • Add enable automatic recording to User API
  • Zoom Rooms, Education, and API Partner pricing updates
  • Bug fixes

Oct 31, 2015 User Update

  • Chrome extension enhancements
  • Support stereo audio
  • Add first name variable in Webinar emails
  • Bug fixes

Oct 16, 2015 Admin Update

  • Enable LTI for all Education accounts
  • Bug fixes

Oct 16, 2015 User Update

  • Bug fixes

Oct 10, 2015 Admin Update

  • Added account level option to enable Co-Host
  • Bug fixes

Oct 10, 2015 User Update

  • Telephone callout support for Switzerland
  • Webinar enhancements
    • Send preview email function
  • Bug fixes

Sept 25, 2015 Admin Update

Sept 25, 2015 User Update

Sept 19, 2015 Admin Update
Sept 19, 2015 User Update
  • Chrome Extension enhancements
    • Extend log in duration
    • Save user settings to backend

Aug 28, 2015 Admin Update

  • Added API calls
  • Added account level options
    • Disable local recording
  • Added group level options
    • Disable screen sharing and remote control
  • Owner and admins can change user password
  • Zapier integration enhancements
    • Return unique join link when adding webinar registrant
  • Enhanced Canvas LTI integration
  • Bug fixes

Aug 28, 2015 User Update

  • Added Helsinki timezone
  • Support Co-Host within meeting
  • Webinar enhancements
    • Use Vanity URL for registration URL
    • Allow 6 answers per polling question
  • Bug fixes

Aug 21, 2015 Admin Update

Aug 21, 2015 User Update

Jul 31, 2015 Admin Update Version: 3.5.22338.0731

  • Added API calls
    • Added API call to get live meetings
    • Return H323 password for meeting APIs
    • Added API call to remove single recording file
    • Remove meeting cancellation email for meetings cancelled via API
  • Customize SSO attribute mapping
  • Added account level options
    • Added option to disable meeting cancellation email
  • Added group level options
    • Disable video when joining a meeting
    • Enable telephony only audio
  • Resend invite email sends from Google instead of Amazon SES
  • Support "|" in Zoom Room name
  • Bug fixes

Jul 31, 2015 User Update Version: 3.5.22338.0731

  • Added Premium Audio numbers
    • Added 31 toll-free numbers
    • Added United Arab Emirates premium number
  • Windows 10 Edge browser support
  • Linux
    • Support joining a meeting via web
    • Added download page
  • Added profile level options
    • Remove profile photo
  • Zoom Rooms now join a Webinar as an attendee
  • Bug fixes

Jul 1, 2015 Admin Update Version: 3.5.19714.0629

  • Security enhancement
  • Added group level settings
    • Show H.323/SIP device list
    • Only host can view H.323/SIP device list
  • Schedule on behalf with multiple schedulers
  • Bug fixes

Jul 1, 2015 User Update Version: 3.5.19714.0629

  • Profile option “Always use PMI for instant meetings”
  • Password reset will generate an email notification
  • New webinar options
  • Netherlands toll-free number to Premium Audio
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