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Update: Please see our Developer Portal for more up to date content on our REST API and Mobile SDK.

The Zoom JavaScript API allows you to manage:

  • Meeting: Create, Delete, Get, Update, List, & End

Quick Start

  1. Sign up an account with your work email on Zoom web site.
  2. Using JavaScript API to login Zoom and create a meeting. If success, you will get a start meeting URL like and a join meeting URL without token, like
  3. Now you can open a new browser window to launch to start meeting. Zoom will handle the client download, installation and launching.
  4. Anybody who gets the join meeting URL can open it in a browser and join the meeting.

All JavaScript API calls should be POST/JSONP HTTP requests on your web browser.

A typical Javascript API can be shown here:

Zoom.login(email, signature,success,error);

Attached is an example of the Zoom JavaScript API in use.

  1. To add the CORS authorization to the header using Apache, simply add the following line inside either the <Directory>, <Location>, <Files> or <VirtualHost> sections of your server config (usually located in a *.conf file, such as httpd.conf or apache.conf), or within a .htaccess file: Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin ""

  2. Include Jquery.js and zoomus.js in your web site page

  3. Call Zoom JavaScript API

Error Handling

When receiving a response from the server, if the request failed you can get the fail code and message from this section
Error Response in JSON



"errorMessage":"Need login"


Common error code list:

201: Need login

1001: User does not exist

3001: Meeting Does not exist

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