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Facebook and Google To Discontinue XMPP Chat Protocol Follow


Zoom has supported Google Chat and Facebook IM chat in the past.  

Switch to Zoom Group Messaging:

Effective Apr 30, 2015, we will be discontinuing support for Google IM and Facebook Chat. This is due to Google and Facebook's decision to discontinue the XMPP chat protocol used by the Google Talk and Facebook Chat platform. You can still login to Zoom using your Google and Facebook credentials, and also take advantage of the richer set of features from Zoom Group Messaging.

We are confident that Zoom Group Messaging offers a better chat experience with unlimited groups, file transfer, push-to-talk, one click screen share or video chat, on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and Zoom Rooms. 

Please update to the latest Zoom client. 

Zoom Group Messaging -Benefits: 

   Google or Facebook Chat  Zoom Group Messaging
 1-1 Chat  Yes  Yes
 Group Chat  No  Yes
 Desktop and Mobile Group Sync  No  Yes
 Push to talk  No  Yes
 Instant Group Screen Share or Video Meeting  No  Yes