Setting Up Slack Integration Follow


  • You are currently on a Pro, Business, Education or API plan
  • You have a Zoom email account (work email), SSO or Google. 
  • Account admin/owner to setup Slack on Zoom


Slack integration allows you to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly. Meetings created in Slack will appear on your Zoom account.

How To Set Up Slack Integration

  1. If you have not yet created a team Slack domain, you can do so here.
  2. Zoom account admin/owner can navigate to the Slack portion of your Zoom account and enter your team's Slack domain. For this example, it will be zoomsupport
  3. Sign in to Slack. Then select "Configure Integrations".
  4. Search for "Zoom" in the list of integrations and select "View"
  5. Select "Add" for the Zoom Slack integration.
  6. After adding, your integration settings will appear. You can change the logo and name of the Zoom chat bot.
  7. You can now change the default call application from Slack to Zoom. To do so, find "Calls" under Admin Settings and change the selection to Zoom.

  8. Zoom's Slack integration will allow you to schedule and join meetings
  9. "/zoom" will create an instant meeting in your channel. Please note it will also appear as a meeting in your list of Zoom Meetings with join before host enabled.

  10. "/zoom join meeting id number" will create a link to join to a scheduled or PMI meeting. 
  11. Selecting the call icon will now start a Zoom meeting with the user or channel selected.

Note: Your Zoom email address and Slack email address must match.

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