Setting Up Slack Integration Follow


  • You are currently on a Pro, Business, Education or API plan
  • You have a Zoom email account (work email), SSO or Google. 
  • Account admin/owner to setup Slack on Zoom


Slack integration allows you to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly. Meetings created in Slack will appear on your Zoom account.


Existing Slack Integrations

Note: If you would like to continue using the depreciated Slack integration, please Contact Support

  1. Uninstall the current existing Zoom app for each Slack team
    1. A Slack team owner should sign into Slack and go to "Apps & Integrations"
    2. Click "Manage" and select "Zoom"
    3. Click Remove to uninstall
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page
  3. Click configure on "Slack (Legacy" and remove the domain in the "Slack Team Domain(s)" field
    Note: Once the Slack Team Domain(s) field is empty, the "Slack(Legacy)" section will no longer be visible and you must use the new "Slack App". The Slack app removes the integration level setting to host a meeting using your personal meeting id. This can be set under My Profile section of your account.
  4. Once completed, follow the steps under "New Customers"

New Slack Integration

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and select "Authorize" to connect to a slack team.
  2. Select "Authorize" on the prompt that appears for your Slack team
    Note: Your account may have multiple Slack teams, but your Slack team can only be within one Zoom account.

  3. To use your Personal meeting ID for slack, navigate to My Profile section of your account and select "Use Personal meeting ID for instant meetings".

Zoom Slack App Features

  1. Zoom Command Help
    Type /zoom help to list the Zoom commands available

  2. Start a Zoom Meeting
    Type /zoom
    When the meeting ends, the channel will receive the following notification on the meeting details:

    If a cloud recording is generated, the channel will receive the following notification to view the recording:

  3. Start a Zoom Meeting with a Topic
    Type /zoom meeting <Meeting Topic>

  4. Start a Zoom meeting with Personal Meeting ID
    If select "Use this ID for instant meetings" is selected under "My Profile", /zoom or /zoom meeting <Meeting Topic> will use your Personal meeting ID.
    Note: If your PMI is used, there will be no meeting end notification and no recording notification.

  5. Join a Zoom Meeting
    /zoom join <Meeting ID>

  6. Start a Call with Zoom
    The Slack team owner will need to go to "Settings & Permissions"

    In the settings tab, expand on "Calls" and select "Enable calling in Slack, using:" and select the "Zoom Calls" app. Once configured, select "Save"
    Selecting the "Call" button with the hint "Start a call with Zoom" will start an instant Zoom meeting. A channel will receive the following notification:


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