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Zoom's Zapier integration will allow you to interact with other applications. You will be able to create triggers and actions with your Zoom Meetings and Webinars.

How To Use Zapier

The following will go over a quick example of how to configure Zoom on Zapier. 

  1. If you have not already done so, sign up for Zapier

  2. Sign in to Zapier and select "Make A Zap"

  3. Selecting "Make A Zap" and you will be prompted to select a trigger and action

    Zoom's triggers will allow you to interact with other services when creating a Meeting/Webinar and when a new user registers for a Webinar:

    Zoom's actions will allow other services to create a new Meeting/Webinar or register a new user to a Webinar when an action is completed:

    For the following, we will create a new email via gmail when a new meeting is created in Zoom.

  4. You will need to connect your Zoom account

    Selecting "Connect a Zoom Account" will prompt you to enter the Zoom API Key and Secret for Zapier

    The Zapier API Key and Secret under "Integration Authentication" section under the My Meeting Settings section of Zoom

    Note: The Key and Secret here have been blocked out for security purposes. Your Key and Secret will not be obscured.
  5. If entered correctly, the following message will appear

  6. After connecting the other service being used with Zapier, you will select the desired Zoom trigger or action. This example will select the trigger of creating a new meeting in Zoom

  7. You can now test your created Zap

    Testing the Zap will create an example of what will occur when the trigger of creating a new meeting occurs

  8. Once testing is completed, you can turn on your newly created Zap

  9. You will be able to see the list of subscribed events under the Zapier section of your account

Popular Zaps Using Zoom:

If you are still having difficultly setting up Zoom's Zapier integration, please submit a ticket

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