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Recording Management allows account Owners and Admins to manage their user’s cloud recordings, such as view, delete, and share MP4 and M4A recording files. 

How to Use Recording Management

Once you have logged into your Admin account, select Recording Management from the menu on the left of your screen.


 You should now see a list of all recordings that are in your account 


From this page you have several options. You can:

1. Delete all recordings in your account

 2. Delete selected recordings from the list.

 3. Search your recordings by User Email


If you would like to view a specific recording simply click on the link for that recording under the Meeting Topic column.

Once you have selected the video you want to watch you can:

 1. Choose to view the MP4 Audio and Video playback.


 2. Choose to listen to the M4A Audio only playback.


 3. Edit the video title.


 4. Share the MP4 or M4A files with other people.


 5. Delete the MP4 and M4A Files.


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