H.323/SIP Call-Out From Zoom Rooms Follow


Zoom Rooms allows you to dial directly to an H.323/SIP system. Zoom Rooms automatically shows all H.323/SIP devices under the same account listed in Room Connector. You can make a one-click call to your H.323/SIP units during meetings or via "Meet Now". 

Pre Requisite:

How do you call?

  • Click on Meet now from your ZoomPresence menu bar on your iPad Controller
  • Select the H.323/SIP unit(s) you would like to call
  • Then click Invite to invite your participants to join an instant meeting
  • During a call you can select "Invite" to choose and endpoint from your directory

Note: Your H.323/SIP units that you have configured within your cloud room connector settings from your account page will be listed underneath your Zoom Rooms contacts by default. 

To search you can tap on the search bar at the very top of your directory

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