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  • You must be on version 3.5.27094.0918 or higher
  • You must have a Webinar subscription


The chat feature in Webinar will allow attendees to talk to panelists. It will also allow for panelists to chat a message to all users, panelists, and specific attendees.

How To Use Webinar Chat


  1. Once in Webinar, find Chat at the bottom of the Webinar window
    If an attendee or panelist has sent a chat message, you will be notified with a red number
  2. After selecting the chat Window, you will notice the options to chat with the following:
    • Everyone - Sends the message to all users
    • All Panelists - Sends the message to all panelists
    • Panelists - Sends the message to a specific panelist
    • Viewers - Sends the message to a specific Attendee and all panelists. This will appear after the attendee has sent a chat message

    You can disable chat for attendees by deselecting "Allow Viewer Chat"


  1. As an attendee you will see Chat in the top left hand corner of the Webinar
  2. Attendees can then input text and send a message to all panelists. Chats for attendees will be seen as follows:
  3. Attendees will receive the following if Viewer Chat has been disabled
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