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Pardot Integration Follow

Note: the Pardot integration is now available in the Zoom Marketplace. If setting up a new integration, use the Marketplace app.


Zoom and Pardot customers can use this integration to capture prospects that registered and/or attended a Zoom webinar. Once the prospects are in Pardot, you can use standard marketing automation processes to follow up with these prospects.

This article covers:


  • Must purchase a Video Webinar plan of 100, 500, 1000, 3000 participants
  • Admin rights to Pardot


Creating a Pardot Form Handler to capture registrations

This is the standard Pardot practice for managing your campaigns:
- Create a Marketing Campaign titled for your Webinar. example: "Oct 2015 CIO Webinar"
- Create a List for Registrants. example: "Oct 2015 CIO Webinar – Registrants"
- Create a List for Attendees. example: "Oct 2015 CIO Webinar – Attendees"

Form Handler:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Forms > Form Handlers.
  2. Click + Add Form Handler.
  3. Enter Name (Such as “Oct 2015 CIO Webinar Registrants”).
  4. Choose a Folder.
  5. Choose the campaign you created above.
  6. Mark Kiosk/Data Entry Mode: Do not cookie browser as submitted prospect.
  7. Mark Enable data forwarding to success location.
  8. Mark Disable Visitor Activity throttling and send auto-responder emails after every
  9. In the Success Location dropdown, select Referring URL.
  10. In the Error Location dropdown, select Referring URL.
  11. Add Completion Actions – Add To List - Oct 2015 CIO Webinar – Registrants.
  12. Add form handler fields, make sure the fields for First Name, Last Name and Email
    are required and all other fields are optional. This is where you would be binding
    Zoom Fields with Pardot Fields. Please make sure External Field name matches
    exactly with Zoom Field Name.

    To find the exact Zoom field names:
    - Go to the Zoom Webinar information page.
    - Scroll down to “Generate Prospects in Pardot” section.
    - Click the “?” icon, you can find the fields list here. 

    The value on right side of the dash corresponds to the External Field Name value that needs to be entered into the form handler fields in Pardot.
  13. Click Create form handler to save.

This is how your form handler settings should look:

Creating a Pardot Form Handler to capture attendees

Repeat steps 1-13 above for attendees.

Pointing your Zoom webinar settings to Pardot Forms Handlers

  1. Schedule a webinar in Zoom.
  2. On the webinar information page, find the “Generate Prospects in Pardot” section.
    Click on Edit:

    Go to the Pardot form handlers list, and copy the handler URL as shown below. If your form handler URL does not display the domain, replace your custom domain with

    Paste the correct “Register Form Handler URL” and the “Attendee Form Handler URL” in Zoom settings.

Using the two lists in Pardot for your marketing automation needs

  1. First, test your integration. Go to your Zoom Webinar registration page.
  2. Once you submit the form above as a test registrant, your prospect record will be created in Pardot. Your prospect record will get associated with the campaign and it will also be added to the Pardot list you created above.
  3. You will also see prospect records for attendees in Pardot when you host a Zoom webinar and attendees join the webinar.
  4. You can use these to lists to send follow up emails.