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A concurrent meeting is when the host of a meeting attempts to host more than one meeting at a given time. There are several scenarios in which a concurrent meeting can occur:

  • The host schedules two different meetings at the same time and enables join before host for both meetings. At the time of the meetings, participants attempt to join both meetings before the host joins/starts one of the meetings
  • Participants attempt to join a different meeting scheduled by the host with "enable join before host" selected, while the host is hosting a different meeting.
  • The host of the meeting schedules multiple meetings, and attempts to start multiple meetings at the same time

Common Issues

Zoom does not allow users to hold concurrent meetings. If a concurrent meeting does take place, there can be undesired effects for that specific concurrent meeting:

  • Participants attempt to join a meeting with join before host enabled, and are receiving the message:                         Screen_Shot_2017-10-04_at_6.19.04_PM.png
  • The host tries to launch a different meeting at the same time, but is prompted to end the first meeting:
    If the host chooses to end the first meeting, the participants will receive the following message:
  • H.323/SIP Devices that join a meeting with join before host enabled, and the host is already hosting another meeting. When the device joins, it will be prompted for a host key for the meeting:


  • If a Zoom Room attempts to start a second meeting with join before host enabled, it will end the first meeting without warning.
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