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Cloud recording allows you to record meeting video (active speaker) and audio in the Zoom Cloud where the file can then be downloaded and/or streamed in your browser. The recorded meeting link can be sent to a user's email where it can be viewed or downloaded.

This article covers:


  • Zoom Business or Education Plan 
  • Zoom Room add-on subscription plan
  • Cloud Recording add-on subscription plan
  • Zoom Rooms for Mac version 3.5.31682.1107 and higher
  • Zoom Rooms iPad controller version 2.4.30629.1028 and higher.

For Admin

Go to your Cloud Recording Add-On Plan, or contact your Account Executive or Sales. Once you have subscribed, follow the steps below to enable Cloud Recording.

 Enable Cloud Recording on Your Account

  1. Log in to your Account Management page as an Owner or Admin
  2. Under the Recording Options, select Enable Cloud Recording.


Enable Cloud Recording for a Zoom Room

  1. Go to the Zoom Rooms tab and click on the room name.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Recording, select Edit and enable Cloud Recording.

Enable Automatic Recording (optional)
To enable automatic recording in a Zoom Room select Enable automatic recording and select record on cloud (only account owners/admins can share and download)

For Zoom Rooms Users and Hosts

Record a meeting in a Zoom Room

  1. Start an instant meeting via Meet Now or a scheduled meeting.
  2. Tap Start Recording on your Zoom Room iPad Controller.
  3. For instant Zoom Rooms meetings, enter the email address where the cloud recording link will be sent to. 
    For scheduled meeting, the cloud recording link will be sent to the email of the host that scheduled the meeting.
  4. To stop the recording press Stop Recording or select leave meeting and choose End meeting for all.

Viewing the Cloud Recording (user or host)

  1. Go to your email that you chose to receive the Cloud Recording.
  2. Click on the recording link to view or download the Cloud Recording.

Viewing the Cloud Recording (admins)

  1. Any recorded meetings in a Zoom Room can be viewed, shared or downloaded by logging into your account and selecting the Recording Management page.
  2. Click the meeting host email of the Zoom Room along with the start and end time of the recording.
  3. If your meeting has not finished converting, the recording will show in the list, but you will see a "Processing Recording..." message indicating that it is still processing
  4. Once the process is completed, you will be able to Play, Share, Download or Delete your cloud recording.


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