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Zoom Webinar Practice Session is a feature for video webinars that allows you and your panelists to get set up and acquainted with Zoom controls before your webinar starts.


  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Webinar License
  • Must be running Zoom version 3.5.22132.0730 for PC or version 3.5.22132.0730 for Mac or higher to use Practice Session.


Enabling the Practice Session feature

  1. Log into the Zoom Web Portal.
  2. Click Webinars.
  3. Either schedule a new webinar, or click the title of a webinar that has already been scheduled, then click Edit this Webinar. 
  4. Click Enable Practice Session in the Webinar Options.

Using the Practice Session feature

  1. Start the webinar.
  2. Once the webinar has been started, the host of the meeting will see an orange banner at the top of window, letting them know they are in practice mode. 

    Note: Attendees will not be able to join the meeting when the webinar is in a practice session.
  3. Once ready to end the practice session, click Broadcast, to allow attendees into the webinar, and start the session. 
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