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How Do I Use Kubi With Zoom (Deprecated) Follow

Note: The Kubi Integration is no longer supported by Zoom as of February 2019.




  • Must be on an iPad using Zoom version 3.5.24989.0826 or higher
  • Must be on an Android using Zoom version 3.5.33856.1130 or higher
  • Must be on a Paid plan or Free with credit card


Zoom's integration of Kubi will allow you to control a Kubi device from within a Zoom meeting. This will allow you to turn and tilt the Kubi device to move the iPad's camera.

Note: With the Kubi integration, you will only need to run the Zoom Application. You will not need to use the Kubi Control Application.

How To Use Kubi With Zoom

  1. Ensure you have selected Enable Kubi under Account Settings. This can only be enabled/disabled as an account owner or admin.
  2. Ensure you have enabled far end camera control under Profile Settings
  3. Ensure you have enabled Kubi Robot Device under Settings and then Meetings on the Zoom iPad application.
  4. Join a Zoom meeting. You can also set up Auto-Answer on the iPad to automatically join a Zoom meeting when invited through the Zoom Application. This can be set up to auto-answer for specific contacts.
  5. On a iPad or Android tablet, select "Participants", select the Kubi device you'd like to control, and select "Request Camera Control"
  6. After the request, the arrow keys to control the Kubi will be shown
  7. For PC and Mac, simply select "Connect Kubi" in either the upper left hand corner if viewing the Kubi device in active speaker, or as a blue button over the Kubi thumbnail

    After selecting "Connect Kubi" the arrow keys will appear in the bottom right hand corner. 
  8. To toggle between the Kubi device and shared content, you can select the "Toggle Screen Share" button on PC or Mac