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Zoom Rooms Calendar Integration

There are multiple ways to configure Zoom to integrate with your calendar:

Google Service with Calendar Integration

If you use Google Service with calendar integration, you can do the following: 

  • Associate unlimited number of Zoom Rooms to a Google Service
  • Schedule Meeting - click to start a scheduled meeting
  • Schedule Private Meetign - the host name is displayed instead of the topic
  • Meet Now - meet with your contacts or your ZoomPresence rooms
  • Join - join a meeting by manually entering the Meeting ID


Sec: (1) Create a Google resource for Zoom Room

  1. Setup a physical Zoom Room
  2. Create a Google resource for the Zoom Room

Sec: (2) Create a Zoom Room Work Email Account

  1. Go to https://admin.google.com
  2. Choose Users
  3. Click “Create a new user
  4. Give the account a name
  5. Give the account an email (e.g. room@zipow.com) [known as a Zoom Room work email account]
  6. This email account will be used by all of your Zoom Rooms
  7. Create the same work email (e.g. room@zipow.com) in Zoom and add it under your account via user management

Sec: (3) Activate account and Subscribe to Rooms 

  1. Login to your Google account you created in section 2
  2. Open the Zoom account activation email in your inbox and follow the activation instructions
  3. Go to your Google Calendar 
  4. Click on "Other calendars" > "Browse Interesting Calendars"
  5. Go to "More" > "Resources for zipow.com"
  6. Click "Subscribe" next to your rooms/resources

Sec: (4) Share Calendar with Work Email Account

For private calendar support, the Zoom Work Email Account will need Read/Write access to the calendar resources. You will need to access the resource calendars from your Google Admin account, and then share them the Zoom Work Email Account you created.

  1. Log in to Google as an admin, and go to Calendars
  2. Subscribe the resources to this admin user (same steps as Sec (3)
  3. Once subscribed, select the menu next to the room calendar name in My Calendar and select Share this Calendar
  4. Enter the work email account (e.g. room@zipow.com) and change the the permission to Make changes AND manage sharing, and click Save

Sec: (5) Enable API and Service Account 

  1. Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/projectselector/home/dashboard
  2. Click "Create Project"
  3. Enter a Project Name:
  4. Click "Create"
  5. This will take you to the Project Dashboard of the Google Cloud Platform.
  6. Choose "Use Google APIs"
  7. To the right of Dashboard within the Dashboard tab choose "ENABLE API”
  8. Choose "Calendar API" under Google Apps APIs
  9. Click "Enable API"
  10. Click “Go to Credentials” on the left side under the API Manager pane
  11. Click "Create Credentials" then choose "Service Account Key"
  12. Click the right arrow drop down under “Service account
  13. Select "New service account"
  14. Enter your service account name under “Service Account Name" then select "Project" under "Role"
  15. Choose "P12" under "Key Type"
  16. Click "Create"
  17. A .p12 file will be generated and should automatically download, store this away for safe keeping.
  18. Click "OAuth Consent screen"
  19. Enter a product name for your Google service account in "Product name shown to users" field
  20. Click "Save"
  21. Click "Manage service accounts"
  22. Click "Edit" under Options next to your service account
  23. Check 'Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation' then click 'Save'Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_3.19.22_PM.png

Sec: (6) Authorize access to Google API

  1. Go to https://admin.google.com
  2. Choose “Security” 
  3. And choose “Advanced Settings
  4. Choose “Manage API client access” in the Authentication section
  5. In the “Client name” insert the CLIENT ID (Refer tostep 22 of previous section)
  6. In the one or more API scope enter 

Sec: (7) Configure Zoom Rooms

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/account/zoomrooms
  2. Select "Add Zoom Rooms with Google Service account.
  3. For Work Email Address, enter the Zoom Rooms service account in section 2
  4. For Email of Google Service Account, enter the email address from the last step in section 4
  5. For Service Account Private Key, upload the .p12 file from section 4
  6. For Room Name, enter the Google Resource Name of the conference room
  7. For the App Lock Code, enter a numeric code to lock the Settings on your Zoom Rooms iPad controller app. For more info about the App lock code please see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204669759-App-Lock-Code-for-Zoom-Rooms
  8. Click "Verify" to check your configuration is correct or incorrect
  9. Once you have added the ZoomPresence rooms, we will automatically create "dummy room" users under User Management and assign them to PRO. 

Sec: (8) To Add Multiple Rooms 

1. If you would like to add additional rooms you can repeat the process outlined section 6. The same work email address can be used from the previous room(s): This will automatically populate the Google service account information 

Sec: (9) Configure Zoom Rooms on Mac or PC

1. Go to Download Center select the "Zoom Rooms for Conference Room" to install the latest version of Zoom Rooms.

2. Upon installation, click on the Zoom Rooms app icon on your desktop and login with the Work email account you created, for example room@zoom.us. 

3. Select the room name for this conference room. 

Note: You can use the "Search" option under "Select a Room" to search for a room


4. If you successfully logged in, you should see the ZOOM splash screen. 

5. To quit ZoomPresence, move to mouse around and you will see the Exit and Signout icons.  

Sec: (10) Zoom Rooms iPad Controller (iPad or iPad mini)

1. Connect your iPad to the same network (or reachable) as as your Mac or PC.

2. Visit the Apple Appstore using your iPad and search "Zoom Rooms," download and install the Zoom Rooms app for your iPad. You can also find the download at our Download Center labeled "iPad Controller for Zoom Rooms". 

3. Login using the same work email account and password, for example room@zoom.us

4. Select the room name for this conference room.

Note: You can use the "Search" option under "Select a Room" to search a room


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