Using the Zoom for Marketo app

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The Zoom for Marketo integration will allow you to generate Marketo leads from attendees that joined Zoom Webinars. Users can also register for webinars from Marketo. Marketo is also available for Zoom Events.

A Zoom admin is required to enable the integration but is not required to use the integration. The following steps allow non-admins to use the integration:

  1. Zoom admin creates a Zoom LaunchPoint service on Marketo.
  2. Zoom admin enables non-admin Zoom users to use the integration.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using the Zoom for Marketo app

  • Marketo account with Zoom integration enabled (refer to Zoom app on Marketo LaunchPoint) - Webinars only
  • Marketo user with admin permissions
  • Zoom Pro account or higher with Webinar add-on, or Zoom Events license
  • Zoom user with either admin permission or a custom role with the following role privileges:
    • View “Usage reports”
    • Edit “Integration”

Note: To use the Zoom Webinar for Marketo integration, you must first schedule a one-time webinar in Zoom (recurring webinars are not supported at this time). For more information on scheduling a webinar, see Getting Started with Zoom Webinars. In Marketo, you will also need to create a New Event Program as well as set the appropriate flow actions to track engagement.

How to add the Marketo app

  1. Open the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. At the top of the page in the search bar, search for the Marketo app.
  3. Click Marketo.
  4. Click the Approve use of this app toggle.
  5. Click a radio button to grant Marketo access:
    • All users on your account: Select to grant access to all users who belong to your account.
    • Specific users or user groups on your account: Select to grant access only to the users or user groups you add.
      For more information about how to pre-approve Apps for specific users or groups, please refer to the dedicated support article.
  6. Click Visit Site to Add.
  7. Select how you will use Marketo.

Marketo for Zoom Webinars

Limitations for the Zoom for Marketo app with Webinars

  • Avoid cloning an existing Marketo event used for a different vender or for the “old” Zoom-Marketo integration. Create Marketo events from scratch or clone from an existing “new” Zoom integration event.
  • The admin Zoom user used to create the Zoom launch point service in Marketo should not be changed to a non-admin Zoom user. Doing so will break the integration.
  • Make sure you don’t change the webinar date/start time after users have registered for the webinar. Doing so may result in inaccurate attendance data.

API errors will show up on the Zoom launch point service in Marketo for events/webinars that are created but never started.

Create a Zoom LaunchPoint Service

Note: There is no installation or sign-in required to use this integration. Your Marketo admin must enable this feature from the feature manager.

  1. Sign in to your Marketo account as an admin.
  2. On the top navigation pane, click the Admin tab.
  3. On the left panel, select LaunchPoint.
  4. Click New Service to create a new service.
  5. Enter the service name.
  6. Select Zoom from the service provider list.
  7. Click Log into Zoom.
  8. Enter your Zoom credentials (for the Zoom account that will host the Zoom webinars).
  9. Click Allow to allow Marketo to access the specified information.
  10. Click Save.

Important: Only 1 Zoom Launchpoint should be created and used for a Zoom account. Creating additional Zoom Launchpoint services will invalidate previous Zoom Launchpoint services and cause associated programs to not work properly with the integration.

Add Marketo to Zoom Webinars

By default, only webinars created by the Zoom admin who created the Zoom LaunchPoint Service will be visible for use with the integration. To allow webinars from other users (in the account) to be visible, those users must be specified in the integration configuration.

Note: Webinars owned by any other user that is not specified in the integration configuration will not be visible through the integration. Meetings owned by any user are not supported and will not be visible through the integration.

  1. Access the Marketo Marketplace page.
  2. In the Manage section, click Configure.
    Note: The Configure option is not visible until an admin has created the Zoom LaunchPoint service in Marketo. Also, only the admin that created the LaunchPoint service will be able to see and use the Configure option.
  3. Enter the email addresses of all Zoom users (up to 40) who will use the integration.

Connect your Webinar to your Marketo event

  1. Select the desired event.
  2. Click Event Actions and then choose Event Settings.
    Note: The channel type of the event selected must be webinar.
  3. For Event Partner, choose Zoom.
  4. For Login, choose the Zoom account you want to associate your event with.
  5. For Event, select the desired Zoom Webinars from the list.
  6. Click Save.
    Your event is now synched with your Zoom webinar.
    Note: Marketo will send the following fields over: First Name, Last Name, Email Address.

Webinar settings used by Marketo

The following settings are used and are visible in Marketo:

  • Title and Description
    • Topic – Enter the name of the webinar. This name will be viewable in Marketo.
    • Description (optional) – Enter the description for the webinar. The description will be viewable in Marketo.
  • Date & Time
    • Start date – Enter your start date. This will be viewable in Marketo.
    • Start time – Enter your start time. This will be viewable in Marketo.
    • Duration – Enter the duration. The start time and end time will be viewable in Marketo.
    • Time Zone – Select the applicable time zone. This will be viewable in Marketo.
    • Recurring Webinar – Keep unchecked.
  • Registration
    • Registration – Check the “required” box to make registration required. You will use a Marketo form/landing page to capture registration information that will be pushed to Zoom.
      Note: This must be checked to allow registrations from Marketo.
    • No registration - If you do not use registration for your webinar, participants will simply use the webinar join link from your webinar settings page. You can send all participants the same link.

Note: To track and perform campaign actions on registrants, registrations should be done from a Marketo landing page. Registrations done from a Zoom landing page will not sync to Marketo.

Confirmation Email, Registration Form, and Flow settings

Confirmation Email

To populate your confirmation email with each registrant's unique Zoom join link, you will need to use the following token in your emails in Marketo: {{member.webinar url}}.

Set your confirmation emails to Operational to ensure that those who register and may be unsubscribed still receive their confirmation information.

Note: Once you have added the registration URL token, that is all that is required. There is no additional configuration.

Registration Form

The following fields in the registration form are mapped to their respective Marketo field:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Note: Additional fields are not mapped. Do not make any other fields in the Zoom registration form required; otherwise, the registrants will fail to sync.


Those who sign up for your webinar will get pushed to Zoom via the Change Program Status flow step when the New Status is set to Registered. No other status will push this person over. You will also want to be sure to set Change Program Status as flow step #1 and Send Email as flow step #2.

Zoom Webinars + Marketo Data security

This app accesses and uses the following information from your Zoom account:

  • Upcoming webinars: Displayed on the Marketo event configuration screen to show the available webinars that can be associated with an event.
  • Webinar details (ID, name, description start time, timezone, end time): Used in the configuration and operation of the associated Marketo event.
  • Webinar attendee and absentee details (firstName, lastName, email, company, phone): Associated with a Marketo event after the webinar is completed for each webinar attendee and absentee.

This app receives and uses the following information from your Marketo account:

Webinar registrant details (email, first name, last name, org, phone): Used to register users to a Zoom webinar.

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