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Published March 2017


Closed captioning allows you or another attendee within a meeting to type the captioning during a meeting.


How To

  1. Enable "Closed Captioning" under Profile Settings
  2. When in a Zoom meeting, select "Closed Caption"
  3. This will prompt you to either type the captioning yourself or assign another participant in the meeting to do so
  4. Selecting "I will type" will bring forward the captioning box
  5. You will be able to type in text and press enter to submit the caption
  6. Should you need to change the participant writing the captions, you can do so under "Manage Participants" by selecting "More" under the user who will be writing the captioning
  7. The remote end will receive a notification that Closed Caption is available
  8. After selecting Closed Caption, the user will see the captioning

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