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About Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms makes communication with teams, customers and partners easier and more efficient. With Zoom Rooms’ high quality video and wireless screen sharing, you can collaborate face-to-face, give presentations, hold product demonstrations, and easily record. Zoom Rooms can connect to anyone on desktop, mobile, H.323/SIP endpoint, telephone and Zoom Rooms.


  • Must have a Zoom Rooms free trial or add-on plan*
  • Must meet System Requirements for Zoom Rooms
  • Wired/WiFi internet connectivity for Mac/PC
  • WiFi iPad connectivity to Mac/PC and to the internet

How to Purchase:

You can purchase the Zoom Room license by visiting or by contacting sales. To start your 30-day free trial you must verify your credit card information at

Getting Started:

  1. Acquire the necessary hardware components
  2. Configure your Zoom Room(s) with or without calendar integration
  3. Setup your hardware in the Zoom Room(s)
  4. Setup your MacOS/WinOS system/admin account
  5. Configure your desktop firewall for airplay if necessary
  6. Configure your Mac/WinOS kiosk settings and screen saver/energy saver settings
  7. Configure your iPad iOS kiosk settings
  8. Check your Wired and WiFi firewall settings
  9. Download Zoom Rooms apps and login on Mac/WinOS and iPad controller
  10. Download the Zoom Rooms User Guide

Additional Resources:


*For those that have configured Zoom Rooms prior to November 1st, 2015 you can still apply your pro license to configure additional rooms



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