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We have analyzed your feedback and decided to upgrade our billing systems. This upgrade helps us build for the next level of scale and enhances our customer's experience. This migration will happen between January 14th, 2016 and January 20th, 2016. Here are a few highlights of the new system and what it means to you:

  • Consolidated Invoices: You will receive only one Invoice per month for the monthly plans, and one per year for the annual plans.

Old Invoices

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New Invoice

  • Prorated Purchases: All purchases mid billing cycle will be prorated and you will receive a separate invoice for the prorated purchase.
  • Audio/Storage Usage Billing: Audio Usage will be fed into our new billing system on daily bases and will get billed into your consolidated monthly Invoice.
  • Invoice History and Archived Invoices: You will only see newer Invoices under Invoice History on Zoom Portal. Older Invoices are still available under the link "Archived Invoices".
  • Payment Notifications: You will notice a minor differences in email notifications for past-due invoices and payment notifications.
  • Account Credit for Migration: If you have multiple subscriptions with different billing cycles, you will see a credit on your account because we are merging your multiple subscriptions into one.
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