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Advanced Encryption for Chat Follow


Advanced encrypted chat will securely send chat messages between Zoom users. Encrypted messaging encrypts all chat messages using TLS 1.2 with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm.

If advanced encrypted chat is enabled, users can still send files, pictures, emojis, and screenshots. However, they will not be able to edit sent messages, or search chat message history. In Chat History on the Zoom Web Portal, account owners and admins will be able to see chat participants and the date and time of the last message sent, but they will not be able to read chat messages.


  • Zoom Windows or Mac Version 4.1.8826.0925 or higher
  • iOS Version 4.1.8855.0925 or higher
  • Android Version 4.1.8860.0925 or higher

Note that some older versions of Zoom, including Windows and Mac version 3.5.37712.0111 or higher, iOS version 3.5.37749.0111 or higher, and Android version 3.5. 37712.0111, support advanced encrypted chats, but will not have full functionality.

Enabling advanced encrypted chat

To enable the advanced encrypted chat feature for all members of your organization:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Account ManagementIM Management.
  3. Click the IM Settings tab at the top of the page.
  4. Navigate to the Enable advanced chat encryption option and verify that the setting is enabled.
    If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it. If a verification dialog displays, choose Turn On to verify the change.

Chats will display a lock icon .



Note: If you enable advanced encrypted chat, users will not see the encrypted chat until they open Zoom. Notifications (including those on the lock screen) will display a message that they have received an encrypted chat.