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Revolabs UC500 integration with Zoom Rooms Follow


Revolabs UC500 integration allows synchronization that is reflected equally across both the Revolabs UC500 as well as the Zoom Room iPad controller. With this synchronization, you can perform the following features that both devices will support during a Zoom Room meeting. 

  1. Mute/Un-Mute (Zoom Rooms controller, Revolabs) 
  2. Volume Slider (Zoom Rooms controller)
  3. Increase or decrease volume on speaker (Revolabs)
  4. Setup Highly Reverberant Room option (requires Firmware 2.7 and higher)

How to Integrate:

1. Download

  • Revolabs Firmware 2.7 and higher
  • FLX UC MAC or Windows Device Manager Software 1.2 and higher
  1. Installation: Install of FLX UC Device Manager program onto Mac mini or Windows
  • Double click on the FLX_UC_Device_Manager.dmg file to install 
  • Move RevolabsFLXUC icon over to application folder (for Mac)
  • Open the application folder on your Mac Mini
  • Double click on the RevolabFLXUC icon to start the program
  • Note: in an event you receive a security warning, proceed with "OK".  Go to security & Privacy settings on the computer and use the "anywhere"
  • Or select Open Anyway
  • Once the program is opened, your top right corner should appear a FLX symbol, click that to reveal the following menu. Notice that when you begin, the UC 500 is selected as your default audio device.)
  • Open Advanced Audio, Select Room Size, Keep Voice Enhance and Check Highly Reverberant Room