Setting Up Kaltura Integration Follow


Kaltura integration with Zoom allows you to automatically upload your Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura after your meeting ends.


  • A Paid Zoom Account
  • Access to Cloud Recording



  1. Login to the Integration page.
  2. Click Configure next to Kaltura.
  3. Input the User Name, User ID, Partner ID, and Administrator Secret fields. Select the "Enable Upload Recording" to enable the integration. 

    The information comes from the "Settings>>Integration Settings" and "Settings>>My User Settings" tabs within Kaltura


    The configuration in the Zoom account is on the account level. All users in the same account will share the same Kaltura integration. Please use the administrator's secret in Kaltura.
  4. To record a session, enable cloud recording and cloud record a meeting. When the meeting ends the recording is processed, it will automatically sync to Kaltura.

  5. To view the status of a recording, select "Content>>Bulk Upload Log". This shows you who uploaded, when it was uploaded, and the status of the upload. Please note the progress depends on the size of the recording

  6. To view Zoom Recordings in Kaltura, select "Content>>Entries" and select the check box "Zoom Recordings"
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