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Setting Up Kaltura Integration Follow

Note: The Kaltura integration is now available in the Zoom Marketplace. If setting up a new integration, use the Marketplace app.


Kaltura integration with Zoom allows you to automatically upload your Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura after your meeting ends.

This article covers:


  • A Paid Zoom Account
  • Kaltura Account with Admin privileges 
  • Cloud Recording enabled


Configuring the Kaltura and Zoom integration

  1. Login to the Integration page.
  2. Click Configure next to Kaltura.
  3. Configure the Integration:
    • User Name: This can be found in Kaltura, under Settings (gear icon) and My User Settings.
    • User ID: This can be found in Kaltura, under Settings and My User Settings.
    • Partner ID: This can be found in Kaltura, under Settings and Integration Settings.
    • Administrator Secret: This can be found in Kaltura, under Settings and Integration Settings.
    • Enable upload recording: Check this to enable the Kaltura integration. If this is not checked, the integration will not function. This can be unchecked to temporarily disable the integration.
    • Allow users to edit Kaltura User ID in their Profile page: This will allow users to set their own Kaltura User ID on their Profile page, which will associate their Zoom recordings with their user in Kaltura.
    • Stop Email Notification: Check this to disable Zoom notifications that the cloud recording is available.
    • Category by Zoom Recording: Check this to automatically add a "Zoom Recordings" category in Kaltura and have all Zoom recordings automatically added there.
  4. Click Save Changes

Configuring User IDs for individual users

You can add Kaltura User IDs for individuals in Zoom, so that the recordings are associated with the correct user in Kaltura. If user IDs are not added in Zoom, all recordings will be associated with the administrator's Kaltura account.

The user ID can be configured by the individual user on their profile page, by the account owner or admin by accessing the user's profile page through User Management, or through the Update a User REST API call.

Viewing Recordings in Kaltura

  1. To view the status of a recording, select  Content > Bulk Upload Log. This shows you who uploaded, when it was uploaded, and the status of the upload. Please note the progress depends on the size of the recording
  2. To view Zoom Recordings in Kaltura, select Content > Entries and select the check box Zoom Recordings.