Setting Up Zoom With Ontraport Follow


Zoom's ONTRAPORT integration allows you to use ONTRAPORT Smart Forms to register contacts for Zoom Webinars and follow-up from Ontraport. 

The following instructions will go over adding a webhook action, which will allow you to register contacts in Ontraport or those who fill out an Ontraport Form, for a Zoom webinar. 

Note: There is a rate limit of 30 registrants per second with the ONTRAPORT integration. 


  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account
  • Host user type must be Licensed, and assigned a Webinar add-on
  • Must be at least an Admin in Zoom to access the JWT token


  1. Schedule and create a webinar with Registration Required and set for Automatic Approval.
  2. Note the Webinar ID number
  3. Log into OntraPort.
  4. Click on Campaigns at the top of the webpage.
  5. Click the Campaign you want to add the Zoom integration to.
  6. Click Edit
  7. Click the + icon to add a new action to your current Campaign.
  8. Add the Send to a Webhook action.
    Note: If the action does not show, use the search filter to find the action.
  9. Click on the Action to edit it.
  10. Fill out the settings for the webhook:
    • Click Add the destination url, then enter{WebinarID}/registrants. For the Webinar ID, use the webinar ID number for the webinar. So if your Webinar ID number is 123456789, then the URL will be
    • Click Select webhook method, then select POST from the dropdown.
    • Click Enter header info, then enter the following information: 
      Name Value
       Content-Type application/json 
      Authorization Bearer {JWT Token} 

      Note: If you have not generated a JWT token you can generate and access one, by creating a JWT App.
    • Click Add the data to send, then enter first_name=[First Name]&last_name=[Last Name]&email=[Email]&questions=&custom_questions=.
  11. Click Done.
  12. Add any other actions necessary for your campaign. 
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