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STEP-BY-STEP Instructions

1) Need to be a paid Zoom user to access.  Go to your login portal, click “Refer-a-Friend” button in the green box on the bottom.

2) Use the “Share and Earn” Tab to send you referral link through social media, email, or customized link. This link directs them to our plans and pricing page to make purchase.

3) Use the rewards tab to track your referees’ activities, view your pending points, and redeem your points for gifts cards or checks.  All points will be “Pending” and will become “Redeemable” after we check that your referee’s account is in good standing after 90 days.

4) Points are earned on the first purchase and all purchases within 24 hours for any particular referee.  Here is a brief, not fully extensive table for points reference.

5) Redeem points through gift cards or have zoom send a check to redeem greater than $100. Gift cards come in increments of 25, and when you redeem them you will see the code on the “Reward Status” sub-tab under main tab “Rewards”.



  • Q. How do I invite friends?
  • A. You can refer friends by sharing your personal link. To earn rewards, your friends must create an account (using the link you sent them) and make their first purchase within 30 days.
  • Q. Is there a maximum amount I can earn through referrals?
  • A. No. You will get points for every referee that signs up for a paid Zoom account, up to $10,000 per referee.
  • Q. Is there an approval process for large referral rewards?
  • A. Any referral fee more than $500 requires Zoom's review and approval for payment.
  • Q. Do I need to provide documentation to receive my referral rewards?
  • A. Any referral award over $600 needs a W-9 form from the referrer organization (American company, citizen or resident) or a W-8BEN form from foreign organizations.
  • Q. How long before I can use my redeemed points?
  • A. As soon as your referee purchases for the first time, you will see points with a "pending" status. After 90 days, if the referee is still in good standing with Zoom (has not canceled, no open invoices), those points will become available for use.
  • Q. Can I refer someone that already has an active Zoom paid account?
  • A. No, only new accounts are eligible.
  • Q. Is there any cost to participate in the referral program?
  • A. No, it is free to participate!
  • Q. Can I participate in this referral program if I don't have a paid zoom account?
  • A. No, you need to be a paid Zoom user.
  • Q. What happens if my referee does not purchase right away? Will I still receive rewards points?
  • A. Once your referee clicks your link, their initial purchase will generate rewards for your as long as purchase is within 30 days and browsing cookies are not cleared.
  • Q. Can Zoom decline my rewards points?
  • A. Zoom has the right to decline the rewards if there is a documented conflict with other channels of purchase or any other violations of the terms and conditions.
  • Q. Does a referrer get credit for all of his referee's purchases?
  • A. For each referee, the Referrer gets credit for the first purchase and any other purchases made within 24 hours of that first purchase.
  • Q. Are any products or plans excluded from the referral program?
  • A. API Partner plans are excluded.
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