How will old Referral partners be transitioned to new systems? Follow

Offline Referral Submission

  • A new program and system is being developed for Offline Referrals
  • Current Offline Referral Leads will be honored for 90 days from submission up to 5/15/2016
  • We are currently in the process of issuing all Account Credits and Checks for your past referrals
  • We are not accepting any new applications or new referral leads until the new offline referral system is available

Online Referral Submission

  • We have a new Online Referral Program and tracking system
  • You need to be a be a paying customer to be able to use this new Online Referral Program
  • Referrers like you now have multiple ways to quickly share your referral link across your social networks and email
  • Accounts you bring to Zoom are automatically linked to you and tracked
  • Referrers have more reward options, including gift cards and checks

We have now shut down the old online program. For your future referrals, we ask that you please get your new referral link  at (Click Invite Friends; you will be required to sign in to your Zoom account).


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