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Intel Unite Plugin Follow


The Zoom Intel Unite plugin integrates Zoom meetings with the Intel Unite solution. Zoom's plugin extends the Unite collaboration capabilities by incorporating video conferencing. The plug-in supports Zoom users outside of the conference room and enables collaboration between the in-room participants and remote users connected through Zoom. With the Outlook Plugin, you can also invite the hub to scheduled meetings. 


How to Configure

  1. Setup Intel Unite on the Hub (follow instructions from Intel on how to setup Unite). 
  2. Download the Zoom Intel Unite Plug-In the Download Center on PC.
  3. ­Run the Installer file and enter the data form.
    • Username
    • Zoom App Key and App Secret: You can find this in the Zoom Marketplace by creating a JWT App. Learn more
    • Exchange Account URL , Email and Password: used to get the hub invited on that account
  4. Run Intel Unite and use the shown link to download the Client Unite on other PCs (must be connected with the same network).Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_6.41.43_AM.png
  5. After you download the client and run Unite on the client, it will ask for the shared key. This is the shared key you set while setting up Intel Unite on the Hub and can be found on the Hub.
  6. Use the auto­-generated PIN ​to join the Unite sharing.
  7. You should now see the Zoom Plugin ​icon on ​bottom of the Unite Window (if there is a meeting in progress, the badge will appear on that icon).
  8. Click on Zoom Unite icon to see Upcoming Meetings and Join Meeting​ options.
    • Upcoming Meetings: shows the list of upcoming​ and meetings currently in progress
    • Join Meeting: allows you to join a meeting in progress. If there are no meetings in progress, it show a message No Meetings.
  9. Once you join a meeting, a list of control buttons​ will appear: mic, camera, recording and screen sharing controls 
    • Start Sharing: shares whatever is being displayed on the Hub screen in the joined meeting ​(If an external Zoom user is sharing, you will not be able to start the share)
    • End Meeting​: leave​s the Zoom Meeting​, but if the Hub is the host, it will end the meeting​
    • Record: recorded ​meetings are saved in Library Music folder. ​If you are not the host, the host will need to give you recording permission.
    • Show Hub Keys​: brings the unite screen into the front of hub screen, so you can get the Meeting​ ID​, Shared key, ​and Unite ID
    • Vol Up/Down​: controls the sound volume of the hub

Outlook Exchange Integration

 To invite the Hub to scheduled meetings, install the Zoom Outlook Plugin and schedule a new meeting via the plugin.

  • Once you schedule a meeting in Outlook, invite the Hub to that meeting. The Hub email will be the same email that you entered when installing the Zoom plugin.
  • The Zoom Unite plugin will use the EWS url and the Exchange account credentials​ to check the upcoming meetings.