Configuring LTI With D2L Follow


D2L is an LMS system and Zoom will be an external tool for teachers to start meetings with his or her students.


  • You must be on an Education, Business, API, or Enterprise plan.


  1. Log into your Zoom account and obtain the LTI Key and Secret. This is found under Integrations.

  2. Login to D2L with your admin credentials and select the course you want in this case we are going to Build a Course

  3. After you select a course go to Course Administration and Select External Learning Tools

  4. After selecting External Learning Tools select the “New Link” button

  5. After selecting the “New Link” button Please set up your Properties.

  6. On the same page please enter in your Unique Key and Secret

  7. Configure your Security settings however you seem fit and then save and close everything.

  8. After you save and close you should be able to see the Newly created tool and to start it you will need to select Preview

  9. Once Preview is selected, your Zoom meeting will automatically start.
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