End of Meeting Attendee Feedback Follow


When a meeting ends in a Zoom Rooms, the attendee will be prompted with a Thumbs up or Thumbs down selection. This information is collected and provided to the Zoom Rooms admins for analysis and improvements. 


For Admin: 

  • To enable go to Account Settings scroll down to Zoom Rooms and check 'Display end-of-meeting experience feedback survey'

  • Login to Account Dashboard
  • Scroll to the bottom to locate the Zoom Room attendee feedback reports

Instructions for Attendees: 

  • To rate your experience end the Zoom Room meeting on your iPad controller
  • Select thumbs up to rate your experience as good or thumbs down to rate your experience as poor

  • If you select thumbs down another window will prompt you to identify what went wrong
  • Check the box(s) that apply; you may enter your email or leave blank, and click Submit 


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