Recording in Zoom Rooms Follow


You can record to the cloud during a meeting in a Zoom Room.  


  • Host is a Licensed user assigned for a Scheduled Meeting
  • Instant Meeting started in the Zoom Room


Recording in a Zoom Room

  1. Start an instant meeting or scheduled meeting.
  2. Tap Start Recording on your Zoom Room Controller.
  3. For instant meetings, enter the email address where the cloud recording link should be sent to. 

  4. If this is a scheduled meeting, the cloud recording link will be sent to the email of the host that scheduled the meeting.
  5. To stop the recording, press Stop Recording or select Leave and choose End meeting for all.

Viewing the Cloud Recording

  1. Go to your email that you entered when you started the recording for an instant meeting or the email attached to your Zoom account if it was a scheduled meeting.
  2. Click on the recording link to view or download the Cloud Recording.