Guidelines for Vanity URL Requests Follow

A Vanity URL allows you to have access to features on your Zoom Account such as Branding and Single Sign On services.  

If you need to have your existing vanity URL changed, contact Zoom Support. Your new Vanity URL will need to meet the same requirements as a new Vanity URL, listed below. 


  • Business, Education, Enterprise, or API plan
  • Account Owner or Admin

Guidelines and Requirements

  • You can Apply for your Vanity URL at
  • Vanity URLs should match your company's domain name. For example: '' should apply for ''
  • Vanity URLs should be at least 4 characters in length (
  • Vanity URLs must only contain letters, numbers and dashes ("-")
  • Vanity URLs will either be declined or approved within 1-2 Business Days, notifications will be sent to the email address of the user who requested the URL.
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