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Add Zoom Room on Controller Follow


There are 2 ways to add Zoom Rooms; from the web portal or on the Zoom Room Controller. 

You can quickly add a new Zoom Room from the Zoom Room controller. Setting the room up from the controller allows you to set the room name, a calendar integration, location, and the room passcode. If you need to configure additional options, use the web portal.


  • Mac computer that meets hardware requirements
  • iPad that meets hardware requirements
  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room for Mac version 4.1.20278.0206 or later
  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room for PC : pending
  • Zoom Rooms for iPad Controller version 4.3.20093.0201 or later


Setting Up a Test Zoom Room

  1. Install Zoom Rooms Conference Room application on the computer and Zoom Rooms app on the controller device.
  2. Open Zoom Rooms on the computer.
  3. Open the Zoom Rooms app on the controller.
  4. The computer will display a pairing code. Enter this code on the controller.

  5. On the controller, tap Sign In.
  6. Sign in as an account owner, admin, or user with Zoom Rooms privileges.
  7. Tap Create a New Room or Add New Room.

  8. Enter the room name.
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Tap the type of calendar you would like to add or tap Set Up Later.

  11. If you have previously setup locations on the Zoom Rooms admin portal, you can select a location. Otherwise, this step is automatically skipped.
  12. Enter the passcode you would like to set for the room. Learn more about the passcode and when it is used.
  13. Tap Done.
  14. Your room is now set up and ready for use.
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