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Zoom's Digital Signage can be deployed for the following use cases (a) as a digital signage when a Zoom Room is not in use, (b) as a standalone digital signage only outside of Zoom Rooms, (c) as a standalone digital signage and screen share outside of Zoom Rooms or (d) as a wireless screen share only room.

Digital signage mode does not require a Zoom Rooms license as long as there is 1 Zoom Room deployed in your company.

In addition to displaying any digital signage, the signage can be used to wirelessly content share with Sharing Key, wirelessly content share with Airplay, as well as to be invited into a meeting via auto-answer. Digital signage mode cannot start a meeting.



Equipment List

Video Components

CPU Options

Mounting Options

Cables & Supplies

Recommended Elevations



See the instructions for Digital Signage.

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