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Phone Room (1-2 People) Follow

Room Type: DIY
Room Size: 1-2 people

For smaller spaces such as a phone booth, focus room, or an executive's office. You can use the room to make a phone call, as a touch whiteboard, to share content, or to join/start a video meeting. 

This setup leverages a single all-in-one PC with touch display, integrated PC, microphone, speaker, HD camera along with Zoom Rooms for Touch. A Zoom Rooms controller such as an iPad or Android device is optional as the controller interface is displayed on the touch display.

You can purchase the hardware directly from the hardware vendor listed below or online resellers such as,,, or


Equipment List

All In One PC Options


External Microphone (Optional) (Not available for Appliance)

Controller & Accessories (Optional)

Room Scheduler (Optional)