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MacBook Pro Touch Bar controls are available for the Zoom client and when in a Zoom meeting. These controls give you quick access to start a meeting or screen share, join a meeting, or schedule a meeting when you are not in a meeting but have the Zoom Desktop client in focus. When you are in a meeting, the controls allow you to mute/unmute, start/stop your video, start/stop recording (if enabled), share your desktop and end share, leave/end the meeting, and access the Zoom settings.

This article covers:


  • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
  • Zoom desktop client for Mac version 4.1.23108.0402 or later


Controls when using the Zoom desktop client


If you have the Zoom desktop client in focus, but are not currently in a meeting, you can do the following things via the Touch Bar:

  • StartwithVideo.png Start a meeting with video
  • StartwithoutVideo.png Start a meeting without video
  • JoinMeeting.png Join a meeting
  • ScheduleMeeting.png Schedule a meeting
  • StartScreenshare.png Start sharing your screen
  • Settings.png Access your Zoom settings

Controls when in a Zoom meeting

When not screen sharing

When screen sharing

  • MuteUnMute.png Mute/unmute your microphone
  • StartStopVideo.png Start/stop your video
  • Record.png Start/stop recording, if enabled
  • ShareDesktop.png StopShare.png Start sharing your desktop (entire screen) & end share
  • LeaveMeeting.png EndMeeting.png End/Leave the meeting
  • Settings.png Access your Zoom settings
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