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The code snippet feature allows you to copy and paste code over chat and preserve the code formatting. This must be enabled by the account owner or admin and requires a separate package download.

This article covers:


  • Zoom desktop client for Mac version 4.1.23108.0402 or later;  Zoom desktop client for Windows version 4.1.23108.0402 or later
  • Account owner or admin permission to enable the setting


Enabling the code snippet for your account

  1. Login to the Zoom web portal and navigate to IM Management.
  2. Click the IM Settings tab. 
  3. Toggle Code Snippet to on (blue).
  4. It will now be enabled for your account. 


Enabling the code snippet option for your chat

  1. In your Zoom client, click Settings.
  2. Click the Instant Messaging tab.
  3. Check the option Show Code Snippet Button.
  4. Close the settings.
  5. Your chat will now show a Code button.


Downloading the Code Snippet Package

The first time that you send a code snippet, you will prompted to install the code snippet package. You only need to install it once on your computer, unless you uninstall Zoom.

  1. Click on the Code Snippet button.
  2. Click Download.
  3. The code snippet package will install and after installation, the code snippet window will open automatically.


Sending a Code Snippet 

  1. After enabling the code snippet option, click the Code button.
  2. This will open up the code window.
    • Title: Enter an optional title for your code snippet.
    • Text: Select if this code snippet is text, or another type of code.
    • Wrap: Check this if you want to wrap
    • Paste or type your code.
    • Click Create Snippet to send it.


Viewing a Code Snippet

  1. Click View more lines.
  2. A new window will open with the entire code snippet. 


Copying a Code Snippet 

  1. Hover over the code snippet in the chat window.
  2. Click the  
  3. Click Copy.
  4. This will copy the code and you can paste it elsewhere.
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