Zoom Rooms (7-13 People) Follow

Room Type: DIY Room
Room Size: 7-13 people

For a DIY conference room that sits 7-13 people we recommend 2 TV displays, a single HD PTZ camera and two MXL AC-360-Z table-top microphones with a sound-bar that all connects to the Zoom Rooms PC , Mac or Chromebox. The majority of equipment is wall mounted behind the displays allowing for easy access and installation.

An iPad at the table is used as a room controller along with another optional iPad at the door as the room scheduling display.


Equipment List:

Available as DIY Zoom Rooms from Think Fast Track and other resellers.

Display Components:


Audio Components:

Computer Options:

  1. Mac Mini/MacOS Option
  2. PC/Windows Option

Controller & Accessories:

Room Scheduler (Optional):

Cables and Supplies:


Pictorial Diagram:


Functional Diagram:



Architectural Diagram:Elevation_-_Zoom_Rooms__7-13_People_.png


Device Layout:



Microphone Layout:




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