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Message Archiving with Third Party Storage Follow


Zoom integrates with Global Relay and Smarsh for an alternative message archiving platform. These providers can store your Zoom chat messages and files transferred over chat. Messages and files can be stored on only the third party provider or both the third party provider and Zoom. Currently this integration only supports out-of-meeting chat messages.

Once configured, Zoom will send the messages and files to Global Relay or Smarsh once per day. Third party storage will be used for the entire Zoom account and cannot be enabled for groups or users individually.


  • Global Relay: SMTP delivery address from your Global Relay representative or Global Relay support.
  • Smarsh: Authorized Channel Token
  • Zoom account owner or admin permissions
  • Chat encryption must be disabled or messages will not be readable

Contact your provider to have Zoom message archiving configured and get the required configuration details.


Setting Up Archiving at the Account Level

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Account ManagementIM Management.
  3. Click the IM Settings tab.
  4. Under Storage, toggle the Third Party archiving option to on (blue).
  5. Select your third party provider from the drop down and fill out the configuration settings.
    • Global Relay
      • SMTP delivery address: Enter your SMTP delivery address as supplied by your Global Relay representative or Global Relay support.
      • Username: Enter your Global Relay username
      • Password: Enter your Global Relay password.
    • Smarsh
      • Authorized Channel Token: Enter your Authorized Channel Token.
  6. Click Save.

 Setting Up Archiving for IM Groups

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Account ManagementIM Management.
  3. On the IM Group tab, click the desired group, or create a new one.
  4. Click Advanced Settings.
  5. Enable Third Party Archiving.

Note: Third Party Archiving must be configured in the Account IM Settings first. If it has not been configured, you will be prompted to enable and configure it in IM Settings first. It can be disabled at the account level after, if only certain groups need to have Third Party Archiving. 

Account Level

Group Level 

Account Setting Locked Setting Status Setting Status

Allow Group Setting

No Enabled  Enabled/Disabled  Yes 
No  Disabled  Enabled/Disabled   Yes 
Yes  Enabled  Enabled  No 
Yes  Disabled  Disabled No 
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