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The Polycom Trio is a device for the conference room that, when attached to a Zoom Room, can operate as a combination of a speakerphone and a controller. Zoom and Polycom have partnered to provide this combined solution by embedding the Zoom Rooms controller software within the Polycom Trio firmware. The Polycom Trio is available either as part of a Polycom Trio for Zoom Rooms Kit or as a standalone device. 

Learn how to use the Polycom Trio as a controller once configured.

This article covers:


  • Zoom Rooms Polycom Trio UC Software 5.7.1 or later
  • Zoom Rooms license
  • Computer with Zoom Rooms for Mac or Windows installed
  • Conference room camera
  • One or more TV displays
  • 1 PoE cable
  • (Optional) 1 USB cable or USB over Cat5e extender
  • Account Owner, Admin, or Role with edit access to Zoom Rooms


Configuring your Polycom Trio

If you purchased a Polycom Trio for Zoom Rooms kit with Zoom preconfigured or the Trio is displaying the Zoom Room Controller pairing interface shown as below, simply pair it.

Zoom Room Controller pairing screen on a Polycom Trio:


If you purchased a standalone Polycom Trio or using an existing Polycom Trio, you need to first provision the Trio via any of the follow methods:

  • Using the Polycom Resource Manager, Polycom Device Management or Polycom Web Configuration Utility
  • Using the Zoom Provisioning Server on the Polycom Device
    1. Factory reset the Polycom Trio
    2. Update the Trio provisioning server to
      This can be done on the web interface or on the device.
      • On the device, select Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server.
      • On the web interface, select Settings > Provisioning Server.
      Note: The server type should be set to HTTPS.
    3. Wait for the provisioning to complete, which will take approximately 5-10 minutes. The Polycom Trio will reboot once or twice.
    4. The new firmware along with Zoom Rooms Controller will be loaded.
      Note: The Trio will check the provisioning server for updates automatically and you won't need to do manual checks for updates.
    5. Once completed, the pairing screen will appear. 

Setting Up your Zoom Room

  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal and navigate to Zoom Rooms.
  2. Click Add Room.
    The Add a Zoom Room page displays.
  3. Configure the Room Settings.
    • Room Name: Enter the Room name.
    • Calendar: (Optional) If you’ve already linked a calendar service, you can choose the calendar for this room at this time. Note that you can also choose the calendar at a later time.
    • Room Type: Select Zoom Room.
  4. Click Finish.

Setting up the Room Hardware

  1. Connect the room display to the Zoom Rooms computer via HDMI or Thunderbolt.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to the network port on the computer.
  3. Connect your camera to a USB port on the computer.
  4. Connect another Ethernet cable to the Polycom Trio. The Polycom Trio receives power over Ethernet and will boot up automatically once connected.
  5. Connect the Polycom Trio to the Zoom Rooms computer via one of the methods below:
    1. Connect the micro USB port to a USB port on the computer.
      Note: The other USB port (type A port) is used for firmware updates only.
    2. Install the Poly Virtual USB Connector for Zoom Rooms software. For details, visit the Polycom Trio support page here. Select the type of Polycom device you are using at the top of the page and look for the software download as you scroll down the next page.
  6. Turn on your computer.
  7. Make note of the pairing code shown on the display and enter the code on the Polycom Trio.
  8. Sign in to your Zoom Room or enter the activation code.

Updating your Polycom Trio

If you purchased a Polycom Trio kit and would like to update that device, enter the provisioning server on the Trio’s web portal (https://xx.xx.xx.xx -> IP address of the Trio). You can locate the IP address of the Polycom Trio on the Trio, within Zoom, under Settings > About. After completing this once, the device will auto-update in the future.


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