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Setting Up Zoom Rooms on ChromeOS Follow

Note: Zoom will discontinue support for Zoom Rooms for Chrome OS on December 31, 2020. To ensure your Zoom Rooms remain productive, all existing Zoom Rooms running on Chrome OS should transition over to an alternative Zoom Rooms supported OS (Windows, Mac, or Zoom Rooms Appliance) by December 2020. Learn more.


Zoom Rooms can be deployed on a Google Chrome OS device, such as a Chromebox or Chromebase. Learn more about verified Zoom Rooms platforms


This article covers:


Deploying in Kiosk Mode

Before starting the Zoom Rooms setup process, you must deploy your Chrome OS device in kiosk mode in the Google Admin console. If you need help using the Google Admin console, see the G Suite Admin help site.

To deploy your Chrome OS device in kiosk mode: 

  1. Purchase Chrome Enterprise or Single App Kiosk license from Google.
  2. Enroll Chromebox/Chromebase devices in the managed domain.
  3. Specify the Zoom Rooms app in Google admin console kiosk settings and set as auto-launch.

Creating an Organization Unit

You need to create an OU (organizational unit) to group your Chrome OS Zoom Rooms devices and set group policies.

  1. In Google Admin console, click the menu icon and navigate to DirectoryOrganization Units.
  2. On the OU management page, click the plus icon (+).
  3. Enter a name for the OU, and click CREATE.

Creating a User for Device Enrollment

You need to create a user for the Chrome OS device in order to apply the group policy. 

  1. In Google Admin console, click the menu icon and navigate to Directory > Users.
  2. Click Add new user.
  3. Fill out the required fields.
  4. In the Organizational unit field, click the pencil icon, select the OU for Chrome OS devices with Zoom Rooms, and click Done.

  5. Proceed to enable auto enroll devices into the OU.
    Note: By default, all new enrolled devices are assigned to the top-level OU. If this step is skipped, you need to manually move the Chrome OS devices into the appropriate OU.

Placing the Chrome OS Device in the Organizational Unit

  1. In Google Admin console, click the menu icon and navigate to Devices > Chrome Management,
  2. Click User settings.
  3. Select the OU in the left panel.
  4. Under Enrollment Controls > Device Enrollment, select Place Chrome device in user organization.

Setting Device Settings to Launch Zoom Rooms as Kiosk App

  1. In the Google Admin console, click the menu icon, select Devices > Chrome Management,
  2. Click Device settings.
  3. On the Device Settings page, select the OU in the left panel to make sure following settings will be applied to correct OU:
    • Kiosk Settings > Kiosk Apps: Click Manage Kiosk Applications, select Chrome Web Store, enter the App ID (hhngnomgimemifinhdlekfpklinlbmlp), click Add.

    • Kiosk Settings > Auto-Launch Kiosk App: Select the Zoom for Chrome OS app you added in the previous setting.
    • Sign-in Settings > User Data: Select Do not erase all local user data.
    • Device Update Settings > Auto Update Settings > Auto Update: Select Stop auto-updates.
    • Device Update Settings > Kiosk Settings > Allow Kiosk App to Control OS Version: Select Allow kiosk app to control OS version. This is to avoid Chrome OS system update to potentially break Zoom Rooms features.
    • Other > Time Zone: Zoom Rooms does not have a timezone setting and uses the device's local time. You can set a unified time zone for all devices under this OU if it is applicable. You can also select Send all location information to auto detect the timezone.
  4. Click the menu icon and navigate to Devices > Chrome Management > App Management > Zoom > Kiosk Settings: If a CFM (Chromebox for Meetings) remote controller is used, enable Treat top-row keys as function keys. If this is not enabled, the mute and menu buttons of remote controller will not work.

Enrolling Chrome OS Devices in the OU

Device enrollment must be done before a user signs in to the Chrome devices. Reset the device to restart enrollment if any user has signed in.

  1. In the first login screen, press Ctrl+Alt+E to switch to Enterprise Enrollment mode.
  2. Use the account email to log in, then the device will be enrolled to the linked OU.
    For more details, see the G Suite Admin help site.
  3. After the enrollment is successful, Chrome OS ZR will be auto launched, activate a room with admin account or activation code to start using it.