Polycom VVX Series Assisted Provisioning Guide Follow


If you are having issues with zero touch provisioning or your phone doesn't support it, follow the sections below to provision a supported Polycom VVX series phone after you have added it to the Zoom web portal


This article covers:

  1. Accessing the Phone's Web Interface
  2. Configuring Provisioning Server


Accessing the Phone's Web Interface

  1. On your phone, press the Home button  then select Settings.
  2. Navigate to Status > Network.
  3. Navigate to TCP/IP Parameters > IPv4 Addr and make note of the IP address.
  4. Open your web browser and enter https:// followed by the phone's IP address from the previous step.
    Note: The web browser must be on a computer that's connected to the same network as the phone. If your browser displays a security warning, add a security exception and continue.
  5. Log in to the web interface as an Admin.
    Note: The default admin password is 456.

Configuring Provisioning Server

Note: Make sure to upgrade to the latest supported firmware before configuring the provisioning server.

  1. From the Settings menu select Provisioning Server.
  2. Change the following settings:
    • Server Type: HTTPS
    • Server Address: Enter the provisioning URL for the device model as follows: https://provpp.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/provisioning/Polycom/model-#

      : You must change model-# accordingly in the above URL. The model number must be in lowercase with no spaces. See the supported devices for a list of models. You can also obtain the provisioning URL by clicking Assisted Provisioning after starting the provisioning process in the Zoom web portal.



    • Server User: Delete the default value and leave the field blank.
    • Server password: Delete the default value and leave the field blank.
  3. Under DHCP Menu, change the Boot Server to Static.
  4. Click Codec Priorities in the left-side panel and add the following codecs to the In use list.
  5. Click Save to complete configuration. Your phone will automatically reboot.

Note: Make sure you don't have another provisioning server communicating with the device when you try to complete provisioning.

Tip: Use the following shortcuts using the phone's dialpad to quickly perform common actions.

  • View phone details, hold down 1-4-7 simultaneously
  • Reboot the phone, hold down 1-0-3 simultaneously 
  • Change the base profile, hold down 1-4-9 simultaneously 

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