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This guide is ONLY for Polycom VVX series Auto-Provisioning.  

The successful deployment of auto-provisioning allows users to enable the service of VoIP devices instantly by several simple clicks without tons of hand-on operations.  

This article covers:


  • Polycom VVX series device


If your Polycom VVX is a brand new (out-of-box) phone, skip the factory reset and proceed to Polycom VVX Auto-Provisioning Setup.

If your Polycom VVX is a used phone or you are not sure, you will first need to reset the existing configuration to factory default via the phone GUI as follows:

Reset Device to Factory Default - Polycom VVX

  1. On your phone, press the Home icon then select Settings to access the advanced menu.  
  2. Select Advanced then Administration Settings 
    Note:  When you select Advanced, you will be prompted to enter a password.   This is the administrator password.  If you do not know this password, you can try the default password of 456 OR contact the phone vendor for further assistance. 
  3. Scroll and select Reset to Defaults then select Reset To Factory.
  4. Press Yes to complete factory reset.
  5. Proceed to Polycom VVX Auto-Provisioning Setup


Polycom VVX Auto-Provisioning Setup

  1. On your phone, press the Home icon then select Settings.
  2. Next, navigate to Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters > IPv4 Addr and make note of the IPv4 address. 
  3. Open your web browser and enter the <IPv4 address> from Step 2 to access the web configuration page.
  4. From the Settings menu select Provisioning Server.
  5. From the Provisioning Server menu, change the following settings: 
    • Server Type:  HTTPS
    • Server Address:  Enter the Auto provisioning URL for the device model as follows:  https://provpp.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/provisioning/Polycom/<model_name>
      Note:  You must change <model_name> accordingly in the above URL. The model name must be in lowercase with no spaces.
      Example: https://provpp.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/provisioning/Polycom/vvx601
    • Server User:  Delete default value & leave field blank.
    • Server password:  Delete default value & leave field blank.
  6. From the DHCP menu, select Boot Server and change it to Static.
  7. Click Save to complete configuration. 
    Note: Your phone will automatically reboot. 


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