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Multiple screens can be shared and viewed in a Zoom Room simultaneously. This content can be screens shared by remote participants during a meeting or screens shared within the room.


This article covers:

  • How to enable Zoom Room Multi-share


  • Zoom Rooms for Mac version 4.1.33237.0924 or later
  • Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad version 4.3.33237.0924 or later
  • Zoom Rooms Controller for Android version 4.3.33237.0925 or later
  • Zoom Rooms Controller for Windows version 4.3.33234.0925 or later
  • Account owner or admin to enable


How to Enable Zoom Room Multi-Share

  1. Sign into your Zoom web portal and navigate to Account Settings.
  2. In the Zoom Rooms section, toggle Allow multiple content sharing to on (blue).
  3. Navigate to Zoom Rooms.
  4. Click a location in the room hierarchy that you want to edit. For example, if you want the same content for all rooms on a particular floor, click the floor name in the hierarchy.
  5. Click the Edit button next to the location you chose. You can do this on a location level, a floor level, or a room level.
  6. Click the Meeting Settings tab.
  7. Toggle Allow multiple content sharing to on (blue).ZR-enablemultishare.gif
  8. Click Save Changes.

Learn how to share your screen within a Zoom Room.

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